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Exploring Explosive Act

During a Diwali festival time, we keep hearing these word frequently explosives, fireworks

The tendency to see the sky at Diwali nights is unstoppable to see those dazing lights decorated in homes extravaganza display fireworks illuminating be a feast for your eyes.

This short article highlights the importance of Explosive act 1884 and understands to use, transport, sale, possession of explosive For better understanding.

List of classification of explosives depends on the Pyro technique effect:

Types based on sound decibel level – Fireworks that emit sound level exceeding 145 db at 4 meters distance from the point of bursting

Colour emitting firework - firework that emits colour or light having sound level not exceeding at 4meter distance from the point of bursting.

The above type of class 7- usage, the risk is limited for civilian use

Restriction on employment of children – Under chapter III 7 – No person below 18 of age be employed to employ at Manufacturing or storage of explosive sites.

Employment of competent person - Only professionally qualified person with degree or diploma or engineering or science graduate having 5 years of experience in manufacturing explosives be employed for the supervision of explosives at manufacturing or storage site.

84 – Temporary shops for possession and sale of fireworks during Diwali - The District Magistrate to issue a license subject to the following conditions:

  1. The Fireworks should be kept under the shed of non-flammable material
  2. Shops for possession of fireworks shall be at a distance for at 3 meters from each other
  3. No oil-burning lamps, gas shall be used or within the safety distance of the sheds
  4. Display of firework shall not be allowed within 50 meters of any shed.

Procedure on expiry, suspension or revocation or cancellation of license:

The License authority shall give notice to the licensee to provide the description, quantity of explosives in his possession at their disposal.

In case of a license of revoked or cancelled by the license authority fee of the unexpired portion to be reimbursed The procedure of Appeal:-

An appeal against the order of authority is passed by the-

Chief Controller - To the Central Government

Controller - To the Chief Controller

District Magistrate - To the immediate superior to such authority

Every appeal shall be presented within 60 days from the date of the order.

Appeal fee to be refunded to the appellant if the appeal is upheld by the appellate authority.

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