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Role of Ambassadors and High Commissioner

Role of Ambassador

The use of ambassadors today is widespread. States andnon-state actorsuse diplomatic representatives to deal with any problems that occur within the international system. Ambassadors normally live overseas or within the country in which they are assigned to for long periods of time so that they are acquainted with the culture and local people. This way they are more politically effective and trusted, enabling them to accomplish goals that their host country desires. The rise of the modern diplomatic system was a product of theItalian Renaissance. The use and creation of ambassadors during the 15th century in Italy has had long-term effects on Europe and, in turn, the world's diplomatic and political progression.

What Is An Ambassador?

An ambassador is the highest-ranking representative of a country in another country with which it has diplomatic relations. The host country typically allows the ambassador control of specific territory called anembassy, whose territory, staff, and vehicles are generally affordeddiplomatic immunityin the host country. Under theVienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, an ambassador has the highestdiplomatic rank.The equivalent to an ambassador exchanged among members of theCommonwealth of Nationsare known asHigh Commissioners.

Responsibilities Of Ambassadors

  1. Protect citizens :
    As an officer of the foreign service, an ambassador is expected to protect the citizens of their home country in the host country.
  2. Support prosperity :
    When two nations are conducting a trade, it is usually advantageous to both parties to have an ambassador and perhaps a small staff living in the other land, where they act as an intermediary between cooperative businesses.
  3. Work for peace :
    One of the cornerstones of foreign diplomatic missions is to work for peace. This task can grow into a fight against international terrorism, the drug trade, international bribery, and human trafficking.These activities are important and sensitive and are usually carried out in coordination with the Defence Ministry of the state and the head of the nation.

According To India:

The foreign service officer projects India’s interests, both at home and abroad on wide variety of issues.These include bilateral political and economic cooperation, trade and investment promotion, cultural interaction, press and media liaison as well as a whole host of multilateral issues.

The functions of an Indian diplomat may be summarised as:

  1. Representing India in his/her Embassies, High Commissions, Consulates,and Permanent Missions to multilateral organisations like UN.
  2. Protecting India’s national interests in the host country.
  3. Promoting friendly relations with host country as also its people.
  4. Reporting accurately on developments in the host country which are likelyto influence the formulation of India’s policies.
  5. Negotiating agreements on various issues with the authorities of the host country.
  6. Extending consular facilities to foreigners and Indian nationals abroad.

High Commissioner:

High commissioner is the title of various high-ranking, special executive positions held by a commission of appointment.Alike ambassador a high commissioner is the senior diplomat in charge of the diplomatic mission in commonwealth nations.
In the British empire high commissioners were envoys of the Imperial government appointed to manage groups of territories not fully under the sovereignty of the British Crown, while British sovereign territories were normally administered by a governor.

The Commonwealth of Nations is a political association of 53 members state, nearly all of them former territories of the British empire. The chief institutions of the organisation are the commonwealth Secretariat , which focuses on intergovernmental aspects, and the commonwealth foundation, which focuses on non-governmental relations between member states.

Difference Between Ambassadors And High Commissioner

Ambassador is the representative of one country in another country while high commissioner is the head of state in another country.
Ambassador is the head of embassy while high commissioner is the head of high commission.
the nations which weren’t part of British rule have an ambassador while countries which used to be British colonies are the ones where the high commission is appointed.
Ambassador is less involved in local society while high commission is more involved in local societies.
An ambassador always keeps its own people’s interest ahead while High Commissioner keeps the interest of the locals and their own citizens in front.

Ambassadors and high commissioner plays an important in forming the foreign policy of a country. They served as primary means of confidential communication with other government.

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