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Crime Against Women In India And Factor Responsible For Them

Ans: Various crime against women in India and the factors responsible for them are following:
Crime against women in India

Factors Responsible For Them:
  1. RAPE
    • patriarchal society
    • wrong mentality
    • alcohol and drug use
    • insensitivity of the rapist
    • coercive sexual fantasies
    • hyper-masculinity
    • lack of education
    • porn visuals
    • weak laws and policies
    • custom
    • married women are considered as the property of their husband
    • treating women as an object
    • women are considered as the sexual urge of men
    • family environment characterized by physical violence & conflict
    • abusive intimate relationship
    • association with sexually aggressive, hypermasculine, and delinquent peers
    • refusal to arrange marriage
    • marrying a person outside the caste or religion
    • talking to an unknown male
    • being a victim of rape
    • khap panchayat
    • consensual sexual relations outside marriage..i.e. extra-marital relationship
    • engaging in pre-marital sexual activity
    • seeking a divorce, or refusing to marry the man chosen by one's family
    • dowry
    • rise in inflation
    • advancement of technology
    • girls are considered as a financial obligation by many parents
    • religion causes�i.e. when women are married, she is blessed by 'sau putra bhava'/'doodho nahao pootho phalo..etc.
    • social causes..i.e...daughters do not offer social securities to parents
    • gender-specific socialization
    • cultural definitions of appropriate sex roles
    • expectations of roles within relationship
    • belief in the inherent superiority of males
    • values given to men over women and girls
    • family under male control
    • customs of marriage [bride price/dowry]
    • acceptance of violence as a means to resolve conflict
    • greed factor
    • society structure
    • religious dictates
    • social status of women
    • illiteracy
    • urge to show off
    • propulsion towards adhering to customs

    • poverty
    • want to earn money
    • provide money to support others in the family
    • running away from house
    • husband alcohol use
    • family tradition
    • poverty
    • lack of education
    • social crisis
    • epidemics
    • patriarchy
    • gender and caste

"Violence against women isn't cultural it is criminal. equality cannot come eventually .it is something we must fight now."
  • Crime against women in India refers to physical, sexual or domestic abuse committed against women and in order to be considered crime against women the act must be committed solely because the victim is female.

    United nation defines crime against women as:
    "any act of gender based violence that result in any traumatic harm to the women, including threats of such acts coercion or arbitrary deprivation of library , whether occurring in public or in private life." These are most of the common factors that are responsible for the crime against women in India �.
    1. Patriarchial society:
      Patriarchy gives men the power to act on sexist attitudes and beliefs and strengthens them. Women may be denied equal rights and opportunities as a result, or they may suffer violence and abuse. Discrimination and oppression can also result from sexism on its own. It maintains the emphasis on power, gender, and dominance.
    2. Inequality and discrimination:
      Violence against women has inequality and discrimination as its root causes. Every individual and child has the right to a life free from violence and discrimination. All people are born free and equal in their rights, according to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
    3. Poverty:
      Girls and women who are poor are more susceptible to sexual exploitation. Due to their lack of resources and money, persons who experience domestic or intimate partner abuse have fewer options for ending abusive situations.
    4. Lack of education:
      Girls who acquire an education are more likely to lead healthy, fulfilling lives and are less likely to marry early. They improve their own and their families' futures, earn more money, and participate in decisions that most directly impact them. Girls' education helps economies and reduces inequality.
    5. Hyper-masculinity:
      Boys and men are taught by hypermasculinity that being masculine means rejecting all things feminine, which results in the subjection of women to men's expectations of dominance, which creates the patriarchy. The patriarch is the centre of American society, and it serves it well.
    6. Weak laws & policies:
      Ineffective legal systems, lax political structures, and ineffective laws all contribute to crimes against women.
    7. Mentality of the people:
      The mental makeup of the population is yet another important factor in honour killings in a nation. Some parents are unwilling to accept their children getting married to people outside of their caste and religion.
    8. Khap panchayat:
      Males from higher castes make up the majority of this. Some of the places experience severe forms of government as a result of the lack of Panchayat Samiti.
    9. Custom:
      The myriad sexist and patriarchal systems that exist in Indian society contribute to the ongoing violence against women there. Girls are denied access to school at a younger age than their male colleagues, beginning in infancy.
    10. Treating women as an object:
      The practise of treating a person only as a sexual object is known as sexual objectification. In a broader sense, objectification refers to treatingsomeone like a commodity or an item without taking into account their personality or dignity.
  • In 2011 more than 228,650 crime registered against women
  • In 2021: 4,28,278 crime incidents reports
  • We have reported and unreported case also.
  • 6589 dowry death just in 2021 {registered cases} all over the country
  • In 2021: 31677 cases were reports of rape-86 women raped every day in a country

In 2021:= Highest no. of dowry death in Uttar Pradesh

Highest rate of dowry death in Haryana
  • As per the survey conducted by international men and gender equality 65% of Indian men they believe that women tolerate the violence just for the sake of family and
    also believe that they some time beaten also.
  • 24% of men admitted that they committed some kind of sexual violence during their lifetime against women and these sexual violence does not mean rape.

Laws to protect women against crimes
  • Domestic violence act
  • Dowry prohibition act
  • Sexual harassment act

Case: Vishakha v\s state of Rajasthan (1997)
Facts: Bhawari devi a social worker activist and she prevents child marriage in society. upper caste male member gang raped her.

Issues in this case:
  • whether sexual harassment at workplace amounted a violation of rights
  • or whether the employer is amountable for the happening of sexual harassment at their workplace.

Court held that the absence of domestic law regarding gender equality and protection from sexual harassment at the workplace ,the court give the vishakha guidelines and norms to be observed at all the workplaces until the enactment of legislation under article 32 for the enforcement of the fundamental rights of constitution.

Indian penal code:
  • Dowry related:sec.304-B
  • punishment for rape:-sec.376
  •  Cruelty: sec 498-A
  • Outraging the modesty:-sec-354
Preventive measures to control crime against women in India
  • Awareness programme:
    There is a need for an awareness programme to create awareness among the people to stop kind of crime. Particularly in rural area, some special activities should be conducted to make the people more educated and create an awareness.. Creating awareness among the people that such crimes are n't solution to the complexities of society
  • Implementation of strict laws and punishments:
    Some need for strict laws and punishments to stop this hazardous act in society. The fear of punishment leads to the reduction of criminal activity in society. Even those who involve in the act should be punished severely.
  • Development of education:
    Education should be provided to everyone in our society. The Lack of education leads to many hazardous act in society. Government should provide education to every section of society.

The crime against women is considered as one of the most heinous kinds of crime in history. Many factors are contribute to the crime such as lack of education, the mentality of the people, patriarchal society , and so on. This heinous crime is not acceptable in society, it is considered the most inhuman and brutal kind of discrimination and violence against women . We can conclude that the crime against women varies in different parts of India.

We could notice the practice is continuing in some of the parts like Jharkhand, Delhi, Haryana ,uttarpradesh etc. the government needs to implement more strict laws and rules to stop this crime in the society and the level of punishment also should be increased .so that we can curb this heinous act in the society.

Written By: Vartika Ranjan, BALLB, Central University Kashmir

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