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Property Registration (Karnataka) The Blockchain Way

In today's world technology and digitization have become inevitable in any field! Real estate industry is no different and the Government through its E Governance initiatives has modified the way it operates and has transcended the traditional methods of governance, and perhaps which has been a welcoming trend in the post covid era!

The Department of Stamps and Registration (DSR), Government of Karnataka ever since its initiation of computerization of registration of Documents in 2004 has evolved multifold and more so in the recent past. Being the highest contributor to the state's exchequer with an average of 20 lakh documents registered per year1, DSR has introduced numerous integrated technologies across departments for enabling the public to find, access, and use department information at ease.

Some of the recent developments in the process of property registration have been modified and upgraded for the benefit of the public. Here is a list of integrated software technologies you may make use of:
  • Bhoomi (Revenue Department):

    An online platform dedicated to Land Records Management in the State is integrated with DSR to enable transparent, authentic and uptodate information regarding an agricultural property that can be traced while registration of the document2. It has helped the DSR officials stay ahead in verifying the owner's name in the revenue records on the Bhoomi Portal against the Document presented for registration. As a result any discrepancy or duplication would be traced prior to the registration of subject property.
  • e-Aasthi/e-swathu (RDPR/BMA):

    • e-swathu:

      Properties that come under the ambit of Village Panchayats were synchronised and allotted with 18 digit unique property Identification number otherwise known as E-swathu or Rural Development Panchayat Raj(RDPR) Number colloquially. To register the documents related to such properties DSR shall drag the property information via the E-swathu portal for registration of the document, RDPR property documents registered by any other means are deemed invalid 3.
    • e-Aasthi:

      The synchronisation of e-Aasthi alongwith Kaveri was enabled with digitisation of Khata for registration of properties governed by Competent Authority wherein the property will have PID (Property Identification Number) Number that shall be utilised to drag the property particulars to the register the property. This project is under pilot programme basis in few wards of Shantinagar and C V Raman Nagar and shall be implemented in phased manner across Bangalore Metropolitan Area 4.
    • Treasury (Khajane II):

      The financial business of the State are collectively implemented under the financial management system known as Khajane II. The payment of stamp duty and registration fee for Registration of properties was earlier remitted via Demand Drafts however post covid DSR has made it mandatory to generate K2 challan using the Khajane II platform wherein one can pay the sums via any digital payment gateways of their choice such as Internet Banking, BHIM/UPI, and Debit/Credit Card.
    • Kaveri Online Services:

      Karnataka Valuation and e-Registration or KAVERI is an useful and accessible online platform to fetch authentic and substantive information with respect to property valuation, registered documents, and ascertaining the jurisdiction of the given property. All you have to do is to become a registered user of the Portal to view and downloaded digitally singed otherwise known as true/certified copies of the Documents registered and transactions occurred in respect of the subject property. It completely promotes hassle free user experience as there is no physical appearance before the competent authority to procure the documents.
    • Fruits (e Governance):

      Farmers Registration and Unified beneficiary information system (FRUITS)5 is a database of farmers information, farmers run pillar to post submitting the same set of documents year on year for availing benefits from the Government. DSR and FRUITS integration has been a boon to the farmers during loan sanction as one can submit Declaration or Form 3 of designated Banks online and same can be e-signed by the Sub-Registrars via Kaveri 6.
In short, better mechanisms to share and process information from various departments leveraging the Blockchain technology is the way forward to a secure as well as hassle-free operations to the present system. The e-Governance officials have the data linked and processed for registration using the Blockchain technology that may not be tampered or modified as the portal seeks authorisation at designated intervals.

Additionally, the systems seek to authenticate and identity individuals registering the property which in turn shall be required to be processed via Aadhar Number and Mobile Number thus eliminating/reducing the chances of impersonation.

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Award Winning Article Is Written By: Ms.Sunandeni R, Advocate, Bangalore
Awarded certificate of Excellence
Authentication No: MY313784596445-17-0523

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