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What Eligibility you Should have for UPSC 2018

You can be an IAS. Yeah! You read it right.

If perks, good salary package, secure future and government accommodation are toying ideas in your mind, don’t wait. Just go for them.

Become an IAS or IPS. The height of success will be all yours. An honorable designation, hundreds of fans and lots of subordinates to follow your instructions-you would have more and more to come in your favour after cracking the UPSC exam.

Here is a count of the UPSC candidates who appeared in 2017:
Applied (for prelims exam):10 lakhs Approx.
Appeared (in prelims exam):5 lakhs Approx..
Qualified (for mains exam):13,366
Cleared (in mains exam):2,568

Haven’t these fact blew you away?
I know that these facts are magical. No more second thought now!

Eligibility for the UPSC exam in 2018:
Catch this brief to know whether or not you would be eligible to apply for the UPSC exams

Educational qualification: The coolest thing of this exam is that it’s not a stream-bound. Yes, anyone can appear in it. It implies that don’t bother if you are a student of science, commerce or arts. The beauty of the UPSC exam is it that it invites candidates from all fields.

Let me define the eligibility status particularly:
Should be a degree holder: You should have a degree of any university in compliance with the Act of the Central or State Legislature in India. If you graduated from a deemed university, it is ok. Just catch the fact if it is deemed under the Section-3 of the UGC (University Grant Commission) Act, 1956.

Can be a final year student: If you just appeared in the final year’s exam and waiting for the result, you too are eligible. You don’t need to believe over hearsays. It’s all upon your aspirations and intention. Meanwhile, you can take best IAS coaching to appear in its preliminary exams.

Welcomes a technical/professional qualified: If you’re a technical or a professional degree holder, you can also take admission to this exam. Just cross check whether or not the government recognizes that course.

An MBBS can also apply: If you got a degree in medicine or have completed the course, you can file for your candidature in this exam. If your internship is still due, complete it later, but before the mains. In the meantime, you can take admission provisionally. Keep it in your mind that it is must to submit a copy of the concerned authority of your University/Institution. It must clearly state that you have successfully completed the requisite final professional medical examination.

The successful medical grads have to produce the original degree or certificate during one-on-one round of the exam. These documents include the degree along with the internship (completion) certificate.

Exceptions: It accepts an admission of an exceptional case also. If you don’t have any university degree but passed the examination that the Commission finds under its standard, you would be eligible. You can apply for the post like other degree holders.

Now, let’s move ahead to the mains exam.

Eligibility for the Main Examination:
The outline to define the eligibility for its mains examination is transparent. All the candidates who passed the preliminary exams successfully will be eligible for this segment. Generally, this exam occurs in the month of October/November every year.

Now, the final year students might be thinking of how they can appear. Well, if you attempted & passed the first stage successfully, you automatically enter the Main. At this stage, you will have to come with your degree. It’s a proof of passing the requisite exam. Therefore, the UPSC authority requires it to give the opportunity to the degree holders only.

Like educational criteria, the age limit is also defined for this prestigious examination.

Minimum cap: You should be 21 or more as on 1stAugust of the examination year. Let’s say, you would be 21-year old in September, 2018, the authority will reject your application. So, don’t underestimate this age criteria.

Maximum cap:
As per Indian legislation, the age criteria vary as per the caste system, defense or ex-serviceman and the physical deformity. However, the minimum age is defined as 21. But the cap of maximum age varies. Walk through these points to know if you’re eligible to apply for the civil services:
1.General: 32 years
2.OBC:35 years
3.SC/ST:37 years
4.Physically challenged (deaf, mute, blind and orthopaedically challenged):42 years
5.Ex-serviceman including Commissioned Officers & ECOs/SSCOs who served for at least 5 years:37 years
6.Defense Serviceman:35 years

Attempt Eligibility:
You are eligible to appear in the civil service exam many times. But, don’t get the message incorrectly. It doesn’t imply that you can give it as many times as you wish until you reach the requisite maximum age. You can’t do so.
There are some norms regarding attempt eligibility as well:
·General: 6 attempts till the age of 32.
·OBC: 9 attempts till the age of 35.
·SC/ST: unlimited attempts till the age of 37.
·Handicaps: 9 attempts till the age of 42.

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