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A Look Into: Human Trafficking In India

Human trafficking is a criminal activity that involves compelling or coercing a person to perform sexual activities for monetary gain or in exchange for labor or services. Force can be psychological or physical, hidden or revealed. Whether or not coercion, fraud, or force was used, the exploitation of a minor for commercial sex is still human trafficking. Human trafficking manifests itself in three ways: sexual exploitation, debt servitude, and organ trafficking.

It is especially visible in economically depressed areas. Human trafficking is caused by poverty, which is why it is so common in India. The 'lowest stratum of the caste system in India is known as the 'untouchables' due to the unequal and unfair distribution of wealth created by the caste system. As a result, these people are forced into a system in which many become penniless and ignorant, making them more vulnerable to traffickers.

People trafficking is a serious crime and a gross violation of human rights. It is typically connected with organized crime and is recognized as one of the most profitable criminal industries in the world. Stopping, investigating, and prosecuting offenders in the fight against the prevention of human trafficking requires particular skills and expertise. Lower-level human trafficking offenders are typically classified as spotters and recruiters.

Agents of recruiters. Transporters, Harbauers. Brothel managers, brothel keepers, exploiters, and so on, whereas higher-level organized crime syndicates must be investigated at the source, transit point, and destination.

In a recent case, the Assam Police saved ten people, including eight children. Each victim's parents sold them to human traffickers in Arunachal Pradesh.

Pallabi Ghosh just freed 10,000 people from human traffickers, and the main cause for the trafficking is India's poverty, according to Pallabi Ghosh. She went on to state that education and unemployment are the other two causes of the surge in trafficking in the country. Other variables that contribute to trafficking in the country include intra- and inter-country migration, floods, having more children at home, and a lack of parental attachment. Girls are mostly trafficked for forced marriage, prostitution, and bride trafficking, according to the activist. And males are always a target for manufacturing and labor work.

According to government records, there were 5,145 victims and 2,505 potential victims of trafficking in 2019, and 6,622 victims and 694 potential victims in 2020. Authorities discovered 5,156 victims of labor trafficking in 2020, including 2,837 victims of forced labor and 1,466 victims of sex trafficking. However, 694 more victims of human trafficking may have gone unrecorded.

Nearly all of those who were victims of trafficking were Indian, 59% of them were female and 41% were male, with adults accounting for around 53% of the group and minors accounting for approximately 47%.

The original and state anti-trafficking committees must take action to protect and deter the trafficking of vulnerable people.

The first of these steps is making it easier for communities with limited resources to carry out programs for education and livelihood.

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