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Indian Justice Report

India Justice Report 2023 (IJR )

IndiaToday tells that on an average per judge in High Court hears around 20-150 cases, narrowing it to an average of 70 hearing per day.

Imagine the pressure a judge has on his shoulders.

Newly released India Justice Report (IJR) has also clarified the same, that Indian judiciary has flooded with cases, and nowhere is the pendency of these case coming to an end. On the other hand, is only increasing rapidly.

With education, people are more aware of their rights. And rights are deeply cherished by every individual. So any infringement of the right, they come to court with their cause of action.

Areas Of Problem
  1. Not filling up vacancies: the tussle between judiciary and executive is as transparent as water. And the direct consequence is not filling up the vacancies of Judges post. As per the IJR report against the sanctioned strength of 1108 judges, only 778 are working in High courts. Similarly, in subordinate courts the sanctioned strength is 24631 but functioning judges are only 19288 in number.
  2. Case Clearance Rate:
    ie, the number of cases disposed in a year against the number of cases filed in an year. As per the IJR report, the high courts are clearing the cases more rapidly than the cases of subordinate courts. While the CCR is lowest in Uttar Pradesh , in Tripura CCR is found to be 100%.
  3. Lack of court halls : high court were created by the British in 1862. And evidently, they are not enough to cater to the present needs. More rooms are needed. In Delhi , West Bengal , Uttarakhand there were no court halls for the judges.
  4. Difficult procedure:
    courts are dominated by strict procedures and so it delays the hearing of cases. Also this procedure is difficult for a layman to understand.
Way Forward
  1. Appointment of special magistrates:
    They can effectively deal with a certain class of cases and thereby making it easier for the courts to refer to other matters.
  2. Gram Nyayalayas:
    Is a very effective method to deal with pendency of judicial cases in the country. Since gram nyayalays are headed by Magistrate of First class/ Judge , they will be able to solve cases in Village itself- thereby bring justice to the doorstep.
  3. Procedure should the eased
  4. Vacancies should be filled as soon as possible.

A Special Issue: Representation Of Women In Courts

It is found that the representation of women in judiciary is more in Districts courts as compared to high courts. Some states bihar, Tripura, Manipur, Meghalaya , Uttarakhand have no women representation in High courts.

Judiciary is a very rich profession. It deals with imparting justice, but where is justice if courts are not able to manage the work properly? It is imperative to Bring reforms in Judicial system. address to less popular issues like women's representation, easy procedure etc.

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