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Sexual Harassment A Vicious Crime Done To Women

A sexual harassment is a various deep rooted for larger society and must not be campaign is absent in India villages .It is educated and more empowered women from the middle class and upper classes for the guts to name the person of sexual harassment .A rural women living in small towns and experiencing of sexual harassment on a daily basis.

They lives in long standing and deep rooted patriarchy that exist in India today and rural areas education very low, they believe on these sexual abuses and harassment are normal. In some States like Haryana, women are still killed over dowry and female continues in some parts of the country.

In this article we will talk about different aspects of sexual harassment in rural India and its impact on economy and how can we as a considering the about of economic growth and being the fastest growing nation in the world ,and India is a least safe place in the world for women in worth record for sexual harassment from cultural and traditional practices for human safety In public transport and public spaces in rural and urban areas should be the top priority of the government.

Also we have given an overview of criminology and how sexual harassment in rural India a crime which is a threat to professionalism is related to criminology and study about the aspects of this crime and also study about the aspects of preventive measures to prevent the vicious crime, which is done by rural is related to the amount of funding allocated to victim services programs.


The term crime is derived from Latin word ‘krimos’ which means to accuse.

According to Blackstone Crime is an act committed or omitted in violation of public law forbidding or commanding it. In simple term crime is an unlawful act which is done by a person who has a guilty and evil mind and also upon conviction it is punishable with imprisonment or with fine or in severe case death. Some crimes such as forgery and theft may also be civil wrong in which the person aggrieved may take compensation or damages. The nation that acts such as murder ,rape and theft are to be prohibited exist worldwide.

What Is Criminology

The term Criminology is derived from 2 Latin words ‘‘crimen ” which means accusation and ‘‘logia” which means word reason or plan.
Criminology is a scientific study of crime including its causes and responses by law enforcement and methods of prevention .It is a sub –group of sociology, which is the scientific study of social behavior . Basically criminology is sub group of sociology and also it is a scientific study of social behavior.

History of Criminology

Many researches has been overtime and developed there are many different theories of criminology over the past 250 years ,some of them where popular and some of them are also considered relevant .The main creation of criminology began from in the late 18th century ,the two renowned social theorist namely Cesare Beccaria in Italy and Jeremy Bentham in England. Both of them decided that three should be punishment from criminal activities and the punishment should be so severe that the criminal would think that the pleasure of the criminal act would not be worth the pain of the punishment.

A time of theories of criminology became modern and psychologically more accurate .These theories have covered the main aspects of crime like its causes psychological aspects, assessment of criminals ,intervention to reduce offending and the nature of criminal activity .Also it helped in identifying the behavioral variations between the offences that have same legal definition.

What Is Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is define as a unwelcome sexual advances ,requests for sexual favors ,and others verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature when either: A) The conduct is made as a term or condition of an individual employment ,education ,living environment or participation in a university community. B) The acceptance or refusal of such conduct is used as the basis or a factor in decisions affecting an individual employment in a university community.

C) The conduct unreasonably impact an individual employment creates an offensive environmental for that individual, employment , education , or participation in a university community.
Sexual harassment is defined by law and includes requests for sexual favors, sexual advances or sexual conduct when:
1) Submission is either implicitly a condition affecting employment decisions;
2) The behavior person despite objection by the person to whom the conduct is directed. The University considers such behavior whether physical or verbal to be a branch of its standards of conduct and take be corrective action when sexual harassment.

Example of sexual harassment

Unwanted sexual statement: Sexual or dirty jokes comments on physical attributes or rating other as to sexual activity or performance .Unwanted sexual statement can be made in person ,in writing , electronically and otherwise.

Types of Sexual Harassment

General speaking of sexual harassment and there are two types of sexual harassment ,quid pro quo and hostile environment.
A) Quid pro quo
Quid pro quo is define as asexual harassment occurs when it is stated that an academic decision about a student or employee depends upon whether the student or employee submits to conduct of a sexual nature .Quid pro quo sexual harassment is also occurs when it is stated or implied that an individual must submit to conduct of a sexual nature in order to participate university program or activity .So for example a employee is made to believe that a date with the employee supervisor the employee is possibly being subjected to quid pro quo sexual harassment.

B) Hostile environment
Hostile environment sexual harassment occurs when unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature creates an intimidating , threatening or abusive working environment or is pervasive that if affect a person ability to participate in or benefit from a university program a activity. While a person for behavior most often has some form of power or authority over the person being harassed ,that is not only the case for example; a supervise can sexually harass a supervisor or a student can sexually harass a faculty member

Sexual Harassment in India

Talking about sexual harassment the registered cases for sexual harassment has increased and reported in India .As the law on sexual harassment in the workplace more than five years old, the increase is likely to have resulted from the ME TOO movement and greater awareness of the issue .It seems female employees are more likely to report unwelcome incidents than used to be the case.

During the Mumbai Registered cases of sexual harassment at increased 55% from 376 in 2014 to 520 in 2017, according to official data. In all such cases were registered over the four years ending July 2018-
That is nearly two cases reported every day –as per government data table in the Lok Sabha.

India is now witnessing its own #ME TOO movement a year after it swept through unite states following allegation of rape and molestation against movie .this has empowered several women to take to social media and voice president stories of harassment and out alleged perpetrators In an another set of data ,the National Crime Records Bureau(NCRB)categories insult to modesty of women under section 509 of the IPC. The includes harassment. The offence could be uttering a word or sound making a gesture an act intended to insult a woman and data presented in lok sabha

Prevention Of Sexual Harassment

The most effective weapon against sexual harassment is prevention .Harassment does not disappear on its own. In fact. It is more likely that when the problem is not addressed the harassment will and become more difficult to remedy as time goes on.

Sexual harassment is a decades of attention of human rights .sexual harassment is a crime which not only can affect an individual but it affects the rural areas and sectors .It is a brutal crime and awareness should be spread regarding the crime .People who are victim of this crime should come up without fear and disclose their experience, it is not something to hide or let go the person behind the crime should be punished.

People who are the victim of this crime should report it immediately to take care of woman .By taking prevention measures in the horrible situation and if proper measures are taken accused and people will unaffected by its impacts :Sexual harassment damages the lives ,health, financial independence ,and opportunities of countless victim and they will safe. So as to protect women against the societal aberration.

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