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Is there really any accountability for the crime

In the time where people are giving their hundred percent to land on the moon and be past of history, same time people are killing each other out of hatred and in the name of god. I was'nt known to this word lynching but now its the headline of every alternative month. Lynching in simple terminology is when a group of people who condemn and punish a person without a fair trial.

People are killed over suspicion of killing cows and as the result people are leaving their cows open on the road which results in crop destruction and increase in road accidents. Pehlu Khan was killed over suspicion and they are killed in the name of saving cows. People at least should  have that much sense that killing a human being won't do good to anybody.

On June 17, 24-year old Tabrez Ansari was returning home in the remote Seraikela-Kharsawan district of Jharkhand when he was held by some people and accused of stealing a motorbike. The mob started beating him and forced him to chant Jai Shri Ram and Jai Hanuman.

After seven hours of inhuman beating with sticks, the police took him away to lock up, recording his confession for the theft but not mentioning the assault on him. On June 21, he was admitted to hospital and later rushed to Jamshedpur where he died the next day because of injuries. The horrendous incident came to light after a video of the torture surfaced on social media.

I can't digest this incident where a human being is beating another human being and making him chant Jai Shree Ram how can that be justify. Contrary to that the accused are discharge of the murder charger in this matter. I want to know what steps are taken into this matter beacuse this need to be stopped.

This was the 14th case of hate crime in Jharkhand in the past four years, according to data collated from media reports by Factchecker, a website that is tracking the horrendous trajectory of crimes based on religious hatred in India.

Between 2009 and 2013, the five-year period prior to Modi's victory in 2014, a total of only 22 such cases were reported. That means there has been a ten-fold rise in lynchings since the BJP came to power.

Hate campaign against minorities is one of the major concern and this give green light to the people who pull of these lynchings. Higher authority should condemn it and should set an example that no one in this will be killed on suspicion or even if he has committed a crime the law will take it own course.

Prime Minister Modi had not said much on the violence in spite of the clear danger it represents. In 2017 he said no one should take law into their hands and in my opinion that our politicians will stop politics on religion and will start focusing on development issues these incidents will decrease.

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