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Human Rights Awareness

If I become human activism I will try to make sure that there should be no human right violation with anyone. Generally it happens in India that most of the people are not educated, due to which they do not even know about their human rights and rest of the people who are educated still they are not much aware about a human rights .so,

So we have to make people aware about their human rights we can do this thing by various way such as:
  • We can go to small and big schools and tell the children´┐Żs about the importance of human right, that every person have human rights from the birth and no one can snatch that right.
We can tell this to the teachers of those schools so that they can explain it to the children's in more detail:
  • We can also runs small campaign to make people aware.
  • We can go to small village and town and make people aware because they even don't know about any thing human right . With the people who live in village they are not educated so we can explain them how much important it is.
  • People whose human right are violated but still they are not raise your voice against that because they are poor and they cannot afford legal proceedings.

So we can explain to those who cannot afford legal proceedings , then there is a law which give us the right to go to free legal aid and get a free advocate who will fight for your rights

Human Rights are the basic rights which form the essential part of his/her development as human being. Constitution acts as a protector of those basic rights as Fundamental Rights and DPSPs. More emphasis has been given to the fundamental rights and they are directly enforceable in the court of law.

So , the people do not know all these things written in books, so we have to show them by teaching, telling and implementing all these things. We should make people aware then the development of human being can take place.

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