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Alcoholism and Drugs A criminal aspect in Criminology

Alcoholism and drugs (A criminal aspect in criminology) Introduction Alcoholism and drugs are the two major aspect which not only harm the society but it also harm the youth of the teenage generation mostly the drugs is used by the teenage people because they wanted to try something new and once they try it .it became habitual drugs is the criminal aspects because drugs use is illegal different type of drugs are like inhalation injection and so on drugs is the serious problem it not only effect the person bodies but also harm the person there are certain changes in the behavior also if they do not have money they indulged themselves in different way to get the money individual who abuses alcohol are also more likely to other substances we can relate the drugs with crime because using of drugs is a criminal aspects in India. but we can find only the youth are not the part of it who are addicted to it like old man youth anyone should become the part of this.

Through the Indian report around 50 % of death occur through the drugs and the alcohol drugs and alcohol contributed to physical and sexual aggression such as assault and rape using of alcohol and drugs is lead to the depression and the anxiety serious abuse of drugs should be also seen in the person if a person is so addicted to drugs person they will harm any person like family member or friends or anyone .it is the serious problem that someone should face it . It should harm the society and the coming generation also.

Alcohol is an addictive substances but drugs and alcohol is contain serious chemical and person enjoy the pleasure of it and become addicted to it.

Drugs is that which control the human mind and behavior either the person become severally depressed or may either go on to trauma of drugs because drugs should have the directly connection with the brain of the person and people become habitual to it they could either go on to the long sleep or either lose the control of the body . People should enjoy the pleasure of the drugs. drug should have the very harmful effect on the body.

Alcoholism the people who consume the alcohol they either become addicted to it .teenage people mostly consume the alcohol and drugs like drugs we, can directly see the side effect of it through the month or the week .and the person become habitual to it mean in a day if they do take the drugs so they become mad ,or sever changes may occur in the behavior but in alcohol we do not see the direct side effect of it every bad things comes in side effect after a period of time they neither good for the health nor they benefit the body so , after a period of time the person see the side effect of it like related to any kind like health issues .alcohol slowly slowly harm the body drugs and alcohol are the two serious thing in the society

There are different type of drugs:


this drugs is contained opioid narcotics the person who take heroin first they enjoy the pleasure of it they gives you the good feeling but day by day you may suffer from the serious problem like nausea.


this type of drugs is very fast once you take this you can think fast,, run fast, walk ,and you feel happy but once you stop taking it your happiness is suddenly turn into the anger.


but taking this you may laugh or feel silly and lost temper or forget everything which was going in your mind.

Alcohol misuse rates are higher in the India according to the Indian report the youth are consuming more alcohol and drugs consuming are illegal but both taken by the higher rate in India according to the survey there are higher rate of the people with so many health issues or some person gone for the counseling or for the rehabilitation centre for not to using the drugs higher rate should be seen in the teenage group marking as rate of health related problem and occurring from any kind of trauma like facing depression severe injuries like harming themselves its happen mostly when the person go for counseling they injures themselves.

Drugs Abuses:

Drugs abuse destroy the family as well as own life of the people it play a major role in the social problems drugs made the person aggressive they either became the short tempered they could also harm themselves also if they don’t get drugs . Some person become so addicted to it they could steal the money just to get drugs they become so stressed they become homeless they either do crimes also . if the person take drugs and drive the car that means he is harming her life also and the other person life also because after taking drugs person lost the mind and listening capability to hear and to think it may also harm the family it should have the direct effect on the child ,mind it may also harm the unborn babies .their are many types of treatment of the drugs like counseling etc.

Alcohol Abuses:

Alcohol is also serious problem among everyone but once who become severely addicted to it they face lot of problem in their own life because consuming of something too much is also harm body and also harm family, relationship, and so on for example if a person consume alcohol in a day he takes alcohol 7 times a day and beats his wife mostly the people coming from the poor background should brink a lot and beat his wife or any of the family member because money and alcohol become more important than their family member this are the kind of the abuses which the people should suffer from it because their family member should have to suffer from the danger:
# The person become severely depressed .
# Suffers from anxiety disorder problem .
# Behaving like the abnormal people
# People may lost the mind and have the blackout

Many people consume alcohol due to peer pressure,anxiety and loneliness alcoholism harms the person from inside . if the person become so addicted to drugs then he or she should be send to the rehabilitation centre for the good future and for overcoming the addiction related to drugs and alcohol in the rehabilitation centre no person feel alone they give the best treatment to overcome the drugs and alcohol addiction problem and they give the best and good future for the person by overcome this both thing the person who are in need to overcome this problem they should go to the rehabilitation centre .many person wanted to come out of this thing but the addiction are so high that they could not come out of this Drugs control the mind of the person and certain behavior changes should be occurred.

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