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    Prisoners Rights: A right to keep a domain around an individual, which includes all those things that are part of him, such as his body, home, property, thoughts, feelings, secrets and identity.-himanshi- Posted: 2018/1/17

    Comparison of Statutory Provisions In Support of Lifting of The Corporate Veil: A company is a separate legal body/ entity which are different and separate from its promoters, directors, members, and employees. Subsequently, an artificial person is not capable of doing anything illegal or fraudulent. Hence, concept of the corporate veil, separating those parties from the corporate body, has arisen.-Pooja Bhardwaj- Posted: 2018/1/17

    The International Treaties/Conventions and their Influence in India: A treaty, as the name suggests is an understanding reached between two or more entities which could be sovereign states or international organizations.-Rohan Dua- Posted: 2018/1/17

    BRD Hospital Tragedy Existence of Res Ipsa Loquitur Over UP Govt Reasonable Justification: The article is based upon BRD Hospital tragedy, happened in August, 2017.-Rahul Kumar- Posted: 2018/1/17

    Do We Have An Obligation To Obey Law: Do we have an obligation to obey any law, no matter how unjust or evil the law is? Provided only that it is a valid rule of the legal system in which we happen to be physically located? Reassessment of the relation between law and ethics justifies a new look at the classic statement of legal obligation.-Astha- Posted: 2018/1/17

    Benefit To Arise Out of Land: The article discusses along with case laws the term benefit to arise out of land as defined under transfer of property.-Astha- Posted: 2018/1/17

    Chances of getting Anticipatory Bail in cases of 498a/406: The Supreme court quoted that the sections under 498a and 406 under the Indian penal code are widely misused and for no reason the husband and family members are prosecuted and jailed thereby tarnishing the reputation of the family the sections are exactly termed as legal terrorism.-Advocate Nitish Banka- Posted: 2018/1/16

    Insurance Frauds Deserve Special Legislative Attention And Effective Judicial Action: The principal legislation regulating the insurance business in India is the Insurance Act, 1938. Some other existing legislations in the field are - the Life Insurance Corporation LIC Act, 1956, the Marine Insurance Act, 1963, the General Insurance Business (Nationalization) Act, 1972 and the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority IRDA Act, 1999. The provisions of the Indian Contract Act, 1872 are applicable to the contracts of insurance, whether for life or non-life.-Adithya Variath- Posted: 2018/1/16

    Remedy of Compensation under Article 32: Compensation to victims is a perceived guideline of law being upheld through the conventional common courts.The seed of compensation for the breach of the rights implicit in Article 21 was first sowed in Khatri, Sant Bir and Veena Sethi, which sprouted with such a vigorous growth that it finally enabled the Court to hold that the State is liable to pay compensation.-Javid Ahmad Bagth- Posted: 2018/1/16

    Single Brand Retail Trading: Anomalies in Foreign Direct Investment Policy, 2017:DIPP in its consolidated FDI policy, 2017 has prescribed significant changes to single brand retail trading sector to supersede the changes prescribed in the consolidated FDI policy, 2016. However, these changes in the 2017 Policy come with certain anomalies as well which consequently calls for a clarification from DIPP. -Ritika Sharma- Posted: 2018/01/15

    Applicability of Limitation act on Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code: Any new advancement, be it in the field of law or any other form of art or science, would require time as it is to be understood, accepted, settled and interpreted. The new legal framework on insolvency and bankruptcy has brought a catena of changes in the prior existent law. -Parul Chutani- Posted: 2018/01/15

    Insider Trading Laws In India In Comparison With Laws In UK And US: In the year 2009, Mr. Rajat K Gupta, a former Goldman Sachs board member, while delivering a speech at a leading business school in India said, Try to make other people successful, if you work on making other people successful, they will in turn make you successful beyond your dreams.-kirthanasingh- Posted: 2018/01/15

    To Be Raped Or Not To Be Raped: The Indian legal system is marred with the burden of the Great Indian tussle between the aged Indian Judiciary and the Indian Legislation. It is this tussle that has led to judgments like the Independent Thought v Union of India to arise to clarify the law on family-related matters like child marriage, and more specifically child marital rape.-Arushi Gupta- Posted: 2018/01/15

    Necessary Party And Proper Party in CPC: Explanation on what is Necessary Party and Proper Party in CPC-P Ramakrishna Patro- Posted: 2018/01/15

    The West Bengal Municipal Act 1993:: Municipal Bodies have been accorded constitutional status in the 74th Constitutional Amendment Act of 1992 and raised to the status of Government at the local level.-Debaditya Das- Posted: 2018/01/15

    Right to Maintenance of a Muslim Women: The right to maintenance is available to a Muslim wife under the Muslim law even when the wife leaves the society of the husband if it is justified by the circumstances.-Astha Mishra- Posted: 2018/01/15

    Making India Ready for Virtual Currency: In this era of technology due to transformation in the global economy, new ways of exchange of goods, assets and services have emerged. There exists a complete market over the internet where one can easily select and purchase goods through digital money that is by means of their debit or credit cards.-Upasana Dahiya & Gaurav Redhal- Posted: 2018/01/15

    Borrowing And Lending Money By Residents of India To NRI: The lending and borrowing between residents of India and Non-Resident Indians are regulated by the Ministry of Finance and the Reserve Bank of India.-Shubham Kumar- Posted: 2018/1/9

    How to Apply Birth Certificate Online in India?: Birth certificate is an essential asset to prove ones identity. The application for the birth proof can be submitted within 21 days of the birth.-semlovelysharma- Posted: 2018/1/9

    Phone Tapping Right To Privacy Under Article 21: In the recent times technology has become the part and parcel of our lives. The world has transformed into a global village where our lives have become more connected than ever. It is quite obvious that with the development of social media and sophisticated technology our lives have become less private. Hence it became more important than ever to secure the privacy of individuals.-poojabhardwaj- Posted: 2018/1/9

    Speedy Dispute Resolution Arbitration Act, and MSMED Act: Prohibited Judicial Intervention In Execution Proceedings of An Award Passed In Arbitral Proceedings.-Prakash Yadav- Posted: 2018/1/9

    Right to legal representation: A Lawyer can help delineate the issues, present the factual contentions in an ordinary manner, cross-examine witnesses and otherwise safeguard the interests of the party concerned.-nivedha krishnamurti- Posted: 2018/1/9

    Copyright Protection For Fictional Characters: Law does not recognize property rights in ideas but only in expression of the same in a particular manner adopted by the author to the extent to which they form a substantial part of the work and if their expression is not copied the copyright is not infringed.-shrivatsav.n- Posted: 2017/12/29

    Economic Benefits of Intellectual Property Rights: The economic benefits of Intellectual Property rights and how it can contribute to economic development.-shrivatsav.n- Posted: 2017/12/29

    Law of Adultery Under IPC - A Critical Analysis: Sexual relations between individuals are also covered by the same. The Indian Penal Code (hereinafter, the IPC) lays down various provisions for the same. One such law is the law of adultery. The provision punishes a person for having sexual relations with the wife of another man.-s.aatif23- Posted: 2017/12/29

    Notice of A Contract To Transfer of An Immovable Property: The Transfer of Property Act lays down the principles to be followed for a legally enforceable transfer of an immovable property. It lays the basic requirement for a valid transfer The transfer should be between two living individuals-Astha- Posted: 2017/12/15

    International Franchising Vis-A-Vis Technology Transfer: Legal Challenges In India: A critical analysis on the legal challenges existing in India, in the absence of a specific legislation, which fails to promote technology transfer in the country through international franchising.-Aravind Prasanna- Posted: 2017/12/15

    Impacts of information technology in insurance industry: We are in a transition from an industrial to an information society. In the present scenario, Information Technology has become the backbone of every industry, especially for the insurance industries, all over the world. Instead of just adding value to the insurance sector, technology underpins its very growth and evolution.-Preethi Kumar- Posted: 2017/12/15

    The Law Against Sexual Harassment: Women were sexually harassed long before there was a term for it. Since industrialization, women working in factories and offices have had to endure sexual comments and demands by bosses and coworkers as the price for economic survival. In the absence of civil and penal laws in India-Ruchira Baruah- Posted: 2017/12/15

    Advertising in Legal Profession: Despite having a thousand lawyers enrolled with bar council every year, neither law professionals nor the law firms have the right to advertise their profession. Lawyers are prohibited from doing anything that might influence prospective client.-Dheeraj Verma- Posted: 2017/12/15

    Evolution of Moral Rights in India: Revisiting Amarnath Sehgal v. Union of India : Amarnath Sehgal v. Union of India and Anr was the first case involving the issue of moral rights in India. The case was first filed on 29th May, 1992 before Jaspal Singh, J. wherein an interim injunction was awarded in favour of the petitioner.- siddhantsharma - Posted: 2017/12/15

    Utility of WhatsApp a Major Risk: It was again on this 20th of November 2017 when a news[1] was published about an eighteen year old Zakir Ali Tyagi, a Muzaffarnagar teen who has spent 42 days in jail due to his comments and posts on Facebook. He was picked up by the police and booked under Section 420 -shreya.mazumdar- Posted: 2017/12/15

    Administration of Central Vigilance Commission: Corruption is one of the major worries that the citizens of a country, always, have in them. Corruption has now become inevitable especially in the democracies where the power is in too many hands.-Aravind Prasanna- Posted: 2017/12/14

    Evolution of Corporate Criminal Liability In India : As the advancement in science and technology has made the world borderless, the transactions and dealings of the corporate have become global with the help of communication systems, thereby paving a sophisticated way to commit crimes.-Aravind Prasanna- Posted: 2017/12/14

    John Lockes Labour Theory: A Justification of IPRs: Since the Lockean theory of appropriation has been highly influential in formulating policies, making laws, and interpreting the laws, it is very important to make a normative study on the subject matter to understand the motion and the justifications of Intellectual Property Rights.-Aravind Prasanna- Posted: 2017/12/14

    Easy Steps to Apply for Police Clearance Certificate India: Police clearance certificate PCC authenticates that the immigrant has no criminal background. He/she is 16 and has been carrying more than 6 months old passport.-semlovelysharma- Posted: 2017/12/14

    The Fugitive Offenders Bill: In pursuance of the announcement made by finance minister Arun Jaitley in his Budget speech on February 1 where Jaitley had noted in the recent past that there have been instances of big time offenders-Sugam.Shine123- Posted: 2017/12/14

    Infringement of Patents: Patent infringement means the violation of the exclusive rights of the patent holder. As discussed earlier, patent rights are the exclusive rights granted by the Government to an inventor over his invention for a limited period of time. -shrivatsav.n- Posted: 2017/12/14

    How to convert One Person Company to Private Limited Company: There are two methods for changing over a One Person Company into a Private Limited organization according to the demonstration. Have an overview to both of them by reading this article.-legaldost- Posted: 2017/12/14

    Steps To Get CENOMAR From India In The Us For Marriage: Today with the change in time people move from one country to another and sometimes settle down there for their benefit and leave their home country and if a person wants to marry in U.S. i.e. United States then he may have to get the CENOMAR certificate from the home country.-Abhishek Puri- Posted: 2017/12/14

    All Roads Should Not Lead To The Supreme Court: The problem of pending cases before the apex court of the country. the problem of indiscriminate filing and acceptance of SLP's by the Supreme Court and role tribunals can play in curbing the menace.-Astha Mishra- Posted: 2017/12/13

    Recording The Statement of Rape Victim - Section 164(5A)(a) of CrPC: The Criminal Amendment Act 2013, among its various sweeping changes, inserted a new provision 5A (a) into the Section 164 of the Cr PC, making it mandatory that when an offence of rape is committed and the same is brought to the knowledge of the police officer he is bound to take the victim to the nearest Judicial Magistrate for recording of her statement.-Astha- Posted: 2017/12/02

    Concept of Law of Nations and Its Sources: Sources of the law of nations embody treaties, international customs, general principles of law as recognized by civilized nations, the decisions of national and lower courts, and donnish writings. -Varun Kumar- Posted: 2017/12/02

    Concept of Permanent Sovereignty over Natural Sources: The origin of PSNR can be traced back to numerous resolutions which passed in the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA). While in general recommendations taken by the UNGA have no binding effect on the member states -garima pawse- Posted: 2017/12/02

    Legality of US Missile on Syria: This article aims to critically appraise the attacks carried out by USA on Syria in response of Syria conducting chemical attacks on its own citizens.-kshirjaagarwal- Posted: 2017/12/01

    A Study on Public Interest Litigation In Full Concept: What PIL means and is has been deeply surveyed, explored and explained not only by various Judicial pronouncements in many countries, but also by eminent Judges, Jurists, activist Lawyers, outstanding scholars, Journalists and Social scientists, etc.-J. Pooja- Posted: 2017/12/01

    Transitioning Families of India: Actually sex and gender are the grundnorm of the society. On this very basis rises the superstructure of the society which results in regulation and formulation of a relationships in society ultimately leading to formulation of rules and regulation in society. -Parul Yadav- Posted: 2017/11/29

    Status of Prostitution and Related Crimes In India: Prostitution is one of the oldest professions. In India, it was practiced extensively, so much so that Kautilya mentions it in his master piece Arthashastra written around the 4th and 3rd century before Christ.-Sunita Bachchhav - Posted: 2017/11/27

    Right to Information and Impact on Administration:The Right to Information implies the participation of people in the process of governance and administration which becomes inevitable. The Right to Information is the only rightful law in India.-Prashant Rao Mulik- Posted: 2017/11/27

    Judicial Approach towards the Rights of Elderly Persons: Elderly Rights, Judicial Approach, Maintenance And Welfare of Parents Aand Senior Citizens Act, 2007-NIHARIKASHARMA- Posted: 2017/11/27

    Mediation in Civil Proceedings: Mediation in Civil Procedure Code needs to be implemented on more specific stage of the suit for better results.-Sumer and Poonam- Posted: 2017/11/27

    20th Sri SC Javali Memorial Karnataka University Moot Court Experience: My Moot Court court experience may help you for your moot court competition.-Vaibhav27- Posted: 2017/11/22

    Female Genital Mutilation: The Practice of Female Genital Mutilation is against the fundamental right of the Constitution and therefore it needs to be ban in India-Ekta Bansal- Posted: 2017/11/22

    Doctrine of Res Gestae: The principal of law embodied in S.6 is usually known as the doctrine of res gestae. Facts which may be proved, as part of res gestae, must be facts other than those in issue but must be connected with it.-shrivatsav.n- Posted: 2017/11/10

    Does Section 375 of IPC Include Marital Rape: Before explaining the term Marital Rape, we have to understand the term Rape. Rape has been defined under Section 375 of IPC, 1860 and it provides that a man is said to commit rape when he penetrates his penis to any extent into the vagina of a woman.-Varun Kumar- Posted: 2017/11/10

    Cognizance by a Magistrate: Meaning and Concept : What is taking cognizance has not been defined in the criminal procedure code. Literally it means to become aware of, but when used with reference to a Court or a Magistrate, it means to take judicial notice of an offence.-Aishwarya Pratap Singh- Posted: 2017/11/10

    Social Context Adjudication: Relevance for Trial Courts :The object of this article is to examine and emphasize the relevance of social context adjudication for trial courts and magistrates. Social context must not be ignored in adjudication, especially in an adversarial system where the judge is not an active participant of the judicial proceedings. -Aishwarya Pratap Singh- Posted: 2017/11/10

    Aliens In The Mist, Seeking The Legality of Undocumented Identities : Whole world is a global village. The wings of liberalisation privatisation and globalisation have enabled the whole world to fly unfettered. The series of economic transactions have not only led to flow of goods and capital but also of humans.-neha cnlu- Posted: 2017/11/7

    Logical Relevancy And Legal Relevancy of Facts: The Indian Evidence Act is very unique in nature. This is because it was introduced some 141 years ago. The mere fact that it was introduced so many years ago does not make it unique-neha cnlu- Posted: 2017/11/7

    Decoding: Article 35-A: Laying emphasis on the special status of Jammu and Kashmir. While article 35-A still remains unchallenged, A Supreme Court bench is working its way very hard to examine the constitutional validity of this article. So what is article 35-A-Nishant Sharma- Posted: 2017/11/4

    Universal evolution of consumer protection: Any individual who purchase products or services for his personal use and not for manufacturing or resale is a consumer. Consumers by definition, include us all, we are the largest economic group in this economy-Leela krishna117- Posted: 2017/11/4

    The pros and cons of reservation system: Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru observed that the country guards and gives an opportunity to all religions and cultures and thus brings about an atmosphere of co-operation and forbearance and the same treatment to all religious communities.-shivam.tnnls- Posted: 2017/10/30

    Non Bailable Warrant: Preventive Measure not Ultra Virus: Issuance of Non Bailable warrant is very much depreciated in law because it is in direct conflict with the fundamental right. As Article 21 is not merely a twinkling star in the high heavens to be worshipped and rendered vociferous lip-service only but in deed is an actually meaningful protective provision. -a.anurag- Posted: 2017/10/30

    The Juvenile Justice Care and Protection of Children Act, 2000 and The Juvenile Justice Care and Protection of Children Act, 2015:The paper aims to draw a comparison between the incumbent law on Juvenile delinquency and the law it recently overruled, to analyse the effectiveness of the present law in comparison to the previous one. -s.aatif23- Posted: 2017/10/30

    How to quash 498A: These days its quite an easy tasks for women to register a FIR by attributing allegations of cruelty and a case is registered and thereby the husband and his family members has to go harassment and torture.-Nitish Banka- Posted: 2017/10/30

    The Role of Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) In The Present Democracy And The Challenges Ahead: Cinema most particularly appears to have always grabbed the attention of millions of masses across the globe.-Nirali Deepak Parekh- Posted: 2017/10/30

    Rule Against Perpetuity: Rule against perpetuity has been dealt under section 14 of Transfer of Property Act, 1882. Perpetuity simply means “indefinite Period”, so this rule is against a transfer which makes a property inalienable for an indefinite period.-Tarun Sethi- Posted: 2017/10/30

    Empowering Aspiring Advocates is necessary : The tussle between State Government of Rajasthan and Bar Council of India again put new admission in Government owned Law Colleges in the state on hold.-mananmathur- Posted: 2017/10/30

    Shreya Singhal V Union of India: Supreme Court in a landmark judgment struck down section 66A of the Information Technology Act, 2000 which provided provisions for the arrest of those who posted allegedly offensive content on the internet upholding freedom of expression.-Rukhman Singh- Posted: 2017/10/30

    Properties and Rights which cannot be transferable under the Transfer of Property Act, 1882 : In the Transfer of Property is defined in section 5 of the Transfer of Property Act as an act by which a living person conveys property, in present or in future, to one or more other living persons, or to himself, and one or more other living persons, and to transfer property is to perform such act- Rukhman Singh- Posted: 2017/10/30

    Blues of Hunger and Malnutrition: Human rights, as the name suggests, takes within its fold everything that goes with upkeep of basic inalienable rights guaranteed to human beings. From life to property, health to education, basic amenities to clean environment, everything goes along when we add things to contours of human rights by implication. -Shayesta Nazir- Posted: 2017/10/30

    Honest And Concurrent Use of Trademark: In most jurisdictions, Trade Mark law provides for a Trade Mark of an honest and concurrent user to co exist with another similar mark. The defence of honest and concurrant user was conceived mainly through two cases.-shrivatsav.n- Posted: 2017/10/30

    Triple Talaq Explained: Recently Supreme Court of India has passed a landmark judgement about triple talaq and the same is being explained more effectively in the lights of Quran and Hadees. -umair.anri333- Posted: 2017/10/30

    Can a Gift Deed be challenged in India?: Gifts are used by all human beings as means of expressing their love to someone near and dear. Even though gifting is a common habit, most people do not know the legal implications of a gift.-Nidhi Verma- Posted: 2017/10/24

    Extreme Nationalism Defying Real Nationalism: Nationalism is expounded as a feeling that people have of being loyal to and proud of their country often with the belief that their country is better and more important than other countries in the world. While a patriot accepts criticism which extreme nationalist doesn't.-qazi_abrar99- Posted: 2017/10/24

    Community lawyering in India: A perusal of the characteristics, nature, scope, values, and strategy of community lawyering indicates that the social and political scenario in India is perfectly suited for community lawyering to flourish.-Sabir- Posted: 2017/10/20

    Legalization of Prostitution in India: Need of the hour: In this paper we will be focusing mainly on the relation of prostitution and Indian history along with the psychology of the person buying or selling sex, the problems faced by the sex workers and how legalization of prostitution can help improve the scenario, and not forgetting that prostitution is not all about the female prostitutes-MD SAHABUDDIN MONDAL- Posted: 2017/10/17

    Taj Mahal Palace: Now A Registered Trademark: Trademarks are criterion through design, words or symbols, of the source of goods or services that help people associate the product and/or service with the corresponding brand. The new trend in Trademark law seen internationally, prominent in U.S.A.-Sugaandh Kochhar- Posted: 2017/10/17

    Iritech Inc. v. Controller of Patents: The Indian Patents Act, 1970, under Section 11B makes way for applicants, of patent application field at the Indian Patent Office, the request the Controller of Patents to examine hi/her application.-Sugaandh Kochhar- Posted: 2017/10/17

    Concept of Crime: Unlike torts, crime is not just a wrong against an individual but is also a wrong committed against the society or a public wrong and includes acts like murder, rape and theft to mention a few.-Rukhman Singh- Posted: 2017/10/17

    Police Clearance Certificate FAM 30/60 rule immigration law: 30/60 days rule comes under US immigration law that exhibits the presumption of wrongly presented intention. It implies that the person has wrongly presented the cause of visa.-semlovelysharma- Posted: 2017/10/16

    Feminism and Equality: Make A Balance: Women have always occupied a vital place in Indian society. Though the position of women was not good in ancient time since they were subjected to discriminatory laws, Brahmanical austerities, rigid cast system etc. so makers of the constitution have taken every possible step to uplift the position of women.-deeptiverma- Posted: 2017/10/16

    Risk Management and Corporate Management: Risk management and corporate management are two essential ingredients which are required by every enterprise in order to function in the most efficacious manner, to achieve its desired goals on time and to be successful in their relevant market. Risk management is defined as the process of identifying, analyzing, assessing, controlling, avoiding, minimizing or eliminating of unacceptable risks arising in business.-Varun Varma- Posted: 2017/10/16

    Evolution of Right to privacy as Fundamental right: On August 24th, 2017, Supreme Court has given its verdict on Right to privacy in Justice K S Puttaswamy V Union of India, declaring it as a fundamental right of a citizen. This judgment has finally put an end to the long historical legal battle from the past 40-50 years.-asthasaxena1- Posted: 2017/10/16

    Compulsory Licensing on Foreign Direct Investment: This article scrutinizes the interrelationship between the issuance of compulsory licenses for essential medicines and the influx of FDI. Specifically, it discovers the latent for collective action and bargaining on the part of licensing nations to minimize FDI losses while conserving access.-nivedha krishnamurti- Posted: 2017/10/16

    Loopholes in POCSO: India has ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of Child (CRC) on 11th December, 1992. The State parties to the Convention are required to undertake all appropriate national, bilateral and multilateral measures to prevent the inducement or coercion of a child to engage in any unlawful sexual activity, the exploitative use of children in prostitution or other unlawful sexual practices and the exploitative use of children in pornographic performances and materials. -s.aatif23- Posted: 2017/10/16

    Copyright License For Playing Music: One of the common questions asked is whether you require a copyright license for playing any musical work, video or sound recording in any wedding function, birthday parties, etc. The answer to this question mainly depends upon (i) whether a copyright exists in such work; and (ii) whether any act would amount to reproduction or performance of such work to the public.-Almtlegal- Posted: 2017/10/3

    Perjury Under Indian Law: Whoever intentionally gives false evidence in any stage of a judicial proceeding, or fabricates false evidence for the purpose of being used in any stage of a judicial proceeding, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to seven years, and shall also be liable to fine; and whoever intentionally gives or fabricates false evidence in any other case, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to three years, and shall also be liable to fine.-jasrajsinghrajawat- Posted: 2017/10/3

    Article 131 of the Indian Constitution: Article 131 of the constitution is unique because of the fact that Supreme Court has the power to directly listen to matters between 2 states governments or between the Centre and the state, thus the author wanted to understand more of this article and so has tried to read and summarise the fundamental principles of the article-Pranitha Pai- Posted: 2017/10/3

    Human Elements in the Administration of Justice: Courts are to dispense justice, not to dispense with Justice. And, Justice to be dispensed is not palmetre Justice or idiosyncratic justice.-Rajat Kumar Yadav- Posted: 2017/10/3

    legalizing abortion in India: Its not Planned Parenthoods fault-there are no good reasons to support abortion, other than serious health issues of the mother or baby. Also, I believe that Planned Parenthood serves many valuable functions-Rajat Kumar Yadav- Posted: 2017/10/3

    Applicability and Exemption under Central Goods and Services Tax Act, 2017: Upon careful examination of the provisions of the CA 2013 it can be ascertained that legislative intent in CA 2013 is to safeguard the minority interest in a more comprehensive manner.-nivedha krishnamurti- Posted: 2017/9/15

    No, Trade secrets are no alternative to Patent protection: The article tries to explain the differences between Patent protection and Trade secrets. It is written in a precise manner to demonstrate how Patent protection is always better than Trade secret option. A couple of examples/cases are also cited to support the write-up.-Ujjwal.Jha- Posted: 2017/9/15

    Procedure in case of Corporate Debtor under Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016:The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India has amended these regulations today to provide for a form (Form F) for submission of claims by creditors other than financial and operational creditors. It is still not clarified whether this third type of creditor can initiate CIRP proceedings before the NCLAT. -Ankur Saboo- Posted: 2017/9/8

    Justice As Fairness: The conception of justice as faifness was given by John Rawls in his book A Theory Of Justice 1971. He describes certain basic minimum principles on which any conception of justice has to be based. Such principles of justice have to arrived at from an original position under a veil of ignorance.-Ranjini ghosh - Posted: 2017/9/8

    Expanding Horizon of Freedom of Speech And Expression: In the Constitution of our Democratic Republic among the fundamental freedoms, freedom of speech and expression shines radiantly in the firmament of Part III. This is a protection given to citizens against state suppression or regulation.-Amit kumar- Posted: 2017/9/7

    Draconian law of section 377 IPC: Rape is forceful sexual intercourse, without the victim’s consent and against its will. Thus, gender should not be a criteria to assess whether the said forceful sexual intercourse comes under the category of rape, the latter being the only punishable sexual act.-s.aatif23- Posted: 2017/9/7

    Delegated Legislation Development and Parliamentary Control: The issue of delegated legislation has been one of the most debated issues in the domain of legal theory because of its various implications. Scholars have consistently presented differing and even contradicting views about delegation of power to legislate and have thus taken different stands on the issue.-Amit kumar- Posted: 2017/9/5

    Character of Person Is Shaped By Religion He Practice: Religion is an invisible force that binds a community of persons together. Human life is uncertain. He struggles for his survival amidst the uncertainties, insecurities and dangers, Some-times he feels helpless.-aku0073- Posted: 2017/9/5

    What is Article 35-A of the Constitution of India: What is Article 35-A of the Constitution of IndiaIt all began in 2014 when a Delhi based NGO filed a PIL in the Supreme Court of India, challenging the Constitutional validity of Article 35-A of the Constitution of India.-Aamirahmad202- Posted: 2017/9/5

    Death Penalty in India: Should Death penalty be abolished and done away with? This article throws light upon the view of the Indian Legal system with regard to Capital Punishment.-sahastranshu- Posted: 2017/9/5

    Priority Sector Lending In India: Priority sector lending in India, Need for Credit for the growth of sectors, Social Control over Banking Sector in India, Review of Priority Sector Lending in India-uditrajsharma- Posted: 2017/9/5

    Protect Rights of Justice Seekers: A Critical Analysis of Legal Aid Laws of Bangladesh: The most two important weapons for the purpose of preventing social violence and development of societies are equality before law and ensuring social justice. Legal aid signifies the very spirit of equality and equity protected in the modern notions of constitutional law, as so in the Constitution of Bangladesh.-Md. Saleh Akram- Posted: 2017/9/5

    Outcaste, Oppressed And Ostracized: The Transgender Persons In India: The article highlights the plight of transgener people in India. The key features of the Bill that was passed in the Rajya sabha and how it has been updated by the government. The guidelines of the Apex court and how much of it has really been implemented.-Smriti Ranjan- Posted: 2017/8/31

    The Concept of Framing: With increasing use of the internet for numerous human activities, the role of law vis-à-vis such activities has always been a hot topic of debate.-Lavanya- Posted: 2017/8/31

    Money Laundering Evolution, Means of Committing and Fight Against: Money Laundering is a criminal act of misrepresenting illegally obtained money, such as from drug trafficking or terrorism, being obtained from legitimate resources. It is one of the illicit activities through which criminals disguise their original ownership of undeclared money by making proceeds appear to have been derived from lawful sources.-Naman Sharma- Posted: 2017/8/31

    A Study on Dissolution of Muslim Marriage in the Context of Bangladesh: A Critical Analysis: Where the husband and wife are not in a position to live peacefully on personal reason, Islam allows the discontinuation of marriage. Initially no marriage is contracted to be dissolved but in unfortunate circumstances the matrimonial contract is broken. One of the ways of such dissolution is by way of divorce.-Md. Saleh Akram- Posted: 2017/8/23

    Accessibility To Housing Loan: A detailed analysis of the criteria and accessibility of Housing Loans with respect to Government and Private employees. And the procedures, rules and regulations thereof.-Lavanya- Posted: 2017/8/23

    The Lethargic Process of Alternate Dispute Resolution: the article brings into light that the alternate dispute resolution system becomes parallel to the judicial procedure due to the constant delays.-karnikneha- Posted: 2017/8/23

    Lucknow development authority vs M.k. Gupta AIR 1994 SC 787: Whether Statutory Land Development authorities come under the ambit of Consumer Protection Act 1986 and Whether housing activity came within the purview of services defined in the act prior to its amendment in 1993.-Rohan Dua- Posted: 2017/8/23

    The Reservation policy of India: needs to be amended: Reservation in India is the process of facilitating a person in education, scholarship, jobs, and in promotions who has category certificates. Reservation is a form of quota-based affirmative action. Reservation is governed by constitutional laws, statutory laws, and local rules and regulations.-pradhumna- Posted: 2017/8/23

    One Person Company: At the heart of this article lies an attempt by the author to understand: the basic concept of the One Person Policy, the need of emergence of the concept, to appreciate the merits and point out the demerits and deficiencies of the concept.-Dheeraj verma- Posted: 2017/8/23

    Steps to Get CENOMAR from India in the US for Marriage: Getting married abroad is not as easy as it sounds. It requires attestation and entry form to get valid proof of legal entry to the US or any other country. Unmarried certificate is the essential proof that is required for submission at the USCIS before solemnizing marriage with the US spouse & to change the status.-semlovelysharma - Posted: 2017/8/23

    Financial Leasing: International financial leasing has emerged as an important means of economic development in the global marketplace especially where capital intensive acquisitions such as aircraft, ships or machinery are involved.-Poorva Kachhwaha- Posted: 2017/8/23

    Special Provisions relating to lay-off, retrenchment and closure under Industrial Disputes Act: Chapter V-B was added in the Industrial Disputes Act, 1947 through amendment under Article 32 of the Constitution. This chapter deals with the special provisions relating to lay-off, retrenchment and closure in certain establishments.-krupa gajjar- Posted: 2017/8/23

    Doctrine of Constructive Notice and Doctrine of Indoor Management: A company is, in law, a person. It is a distinct legal persona existing independent of its members. By incorporation under the Act, the company is vested with a corporate personality which is distinct from the members who compose it.-krupa gajjar- Posted: 2017/8/23

    Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India: Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 are those bankruptcy law which came into existence India should unite those existing skeleton to make a solitary legitimate statute for bankruptcy.-Tanursen- Posted: 2017/8/9

    Human Rights: Some Philosophical Issues: The issue of human rights has acquired significance in the last sixty years or so. The concept of human rights has legal , moral and political connotations. In recent years human rights has become central to issues of migration and torture.- Ranjini Ghosh- Posted: 2017/8/9

    Child Labour- Protect the Vulnerable: Child Labour is the practice of having children engage in economic activity, on a part or full time basis. the practice deprives children of their physical and mental development. poverty, lack of good schools and the growth of the informal economy are considered to be the key causes of child labour in India.- Nivedha krishnamurti- Posted: 2017/8/7

    Split Side of Alcohol Ban Augmenting Crime and Deteriorating Livelihood : Alcohol ban on national highways, major step taken by apex court of India. On the other hand it has swept away livelihood of various people. The article is all about how it infringes fundamental rights of citizen of India.-Tanu Rathor- Posted: 2017/8/7

    How to Get Singleness Certificate from Indian Embassy in UAE?: The unmarried certificate from Indian embassy is essential to the emigrants in UAE prior to marriage. It determines that the person holds all legal rights to get married with the native of UAE. It undergoes attestation services from the MEA of India, then to embassy and finally to the foreign affair ministry of UAE.- semlovelysharma- Posted: 2017/7/29

    Challenges of Copy Right And Cyber Space: The main focus of this paper is to enlighten not only the academicians but also the non tech savvy laymen to have first-hand information about the internet, cyberspace and their linkage with Intellectual Property Rights especially copyright.-Karra kameswara rao (KARRA)- Posted: 2017/7/29

    Aerial Hijacking and the International Law: Aerial hijacking, or skyjacking is an unlawful seizure of aircraft. This article goes through a detailed analysis of the international customary law and treaty law regarding the same. The most infamous incident of hijacking i.e. the September 11 attacks have also been discussed.-Jayati Gupta- Posted: 2017/7/27

    Procedures and Powers of Claim Tribunals: The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 is an Act of the Parliament of India which regulates all the aspects of road transport vehicles. This Act came into force from 1 July 1989.-Swadha Rath- Posted: 2017/7/26

    Role of Legal Practitioner in Mediation: The success of nation depends upon the effective judiciary. But unfortunately today our judiciary is stressed with pending cases. Directive Principle of State Policy Article 39 A of Indian constitution speaks that justice shall not be denied to any person on the basis of any inability whether physical or monetary.-Madhavi s Sarvade- Posted: 2017/7/26

    Compoundability of non-compoundable offences: The word compoundability of an offence under criminal law appears to be absurd a little bit because it is not an act which can be commercially or monetarily compensable.-B. Vijayalakshmi & G. Sudhavani- Posted: 2017/7/26

    Gravity of The Offence And Severe The Punishment: “As you sow, so you reap”. It is apt even in the matters of criminal offences and consequent punishments. The recent judgment of Mumbai High Court in Poojari murder case is an eye-opener.-Karra kameswara rao(KARRA)- Posted: 2017/7/18

    Street Children-Human Rights A Socio Legal Issue In India:Very recently a news item appeared in a national daily with a pathetic photograph of two rag pickers fighting to collect leftover food items near a dustbin in a street corner in a metro city, the site was very ugly, unhygienic, and full of stench and none dares to step in for the fear of getting infected with deadly contagious diseases.-Karra kameswara rao(KARRA)- Posted: 2017/7/17

    How to Apply for Non -Availability of Birth Certificate (NABC): NABC stands for non-availability of birth certificate. It is issued when the person has no birth proof. It can be obtained online as well as directly from the municipal corporation. The person can enclose the affidavits, address proof and birth proof along with a covering letter.-semlovelysharma- Posted: 2017/7/13

    How to get Real Time Experience of solving Legal Issues: If students have any qery, they can also asked the solutions from the experienced Lawyers and with experience my mean is 25 years experience - Supreme Court of India, 35 years of experience in High Court Patna etc. And the best part is that its all FREE. -Sourabh Chaudhary- Posted: 2017/7/13

    Marital Rape: Rape is an unlawful sex without assent of a man because of physical drive or dangers, or due to deceitful demonstration of perpetuator. In India rape by an outsider is a penal offense under section 375 and 376 of IPC. Shockingly, it unequivocally avoids marital rape from ambit of conviction. Marital rape is sex by spouse with his better half without her assent or by compel or danger.-sangamithra logananthan- Posted: 2017/7/13

    Inventory Problem Faced By Nike: Nike a leading manufacturer of shoes and other sports equipment in the world faced lots of problems in adopting new software to streamline its supply chain and manufacturing processes in order to reduce gap between its products demand and supply.-J. Pooja & Mrs. G. Jayasheela- Posted: 2017/7/13

    Dissolution of Marriage Under Islamic Law: Marriage, while an institution of critical and central importance in the Islamic legal landscape of social relations, was not required or necessarily expected to be a permanent one. Rather, Islamic legal discourses and practices recognized that, upon occasion, marital relations might be better terminated -J. Pooja &  Mrs. G. Jayasheela- Posted: 2017/7/13

    Corporate scandals – does really endanger the economic progress of the country: In recent past country is witnessing huge number of corporate scandals all over the country. Almost with the frequency of 1 to 2 years, at least one corporate scam is coming to light.-Vijayalakshmi- Posted: 2017/7/13

    Procedural Lacuna With Special Reference to Service of Summons: The mechanism of procedural laws is to drive the parties to the court and aiding them to get proper justice from the judiciary through so many procedural provisions. The cpc and crpc are the important piece of legislations framed by our Parliament to meet the requirements of parties whenever they are encountered with violations of their rights.- AVijayalakshmi- Posted: 2017/7/13

    Registration under GST in a simplified way: We all know that whole of India will be going to move into a single taxation mode and hence there arre lot of confusions and at this very moment it is important to know the process of registration. -Sumit Biswas- Posted: 2017/7/2

    Lifting Up The Corporate Veil: A company should be framed for the advantage of human culture. Be that as it may, when the company demonstrations in an alternate way illegal or open strategy then the court will undoubtedly ignore its particular element and lift up the cloak-GopalSuthar- Posted: 2017/7/2

    Constitutional perspective of uniform civil code: India a fastest emerging global power in the world but unfortunately half of its population, the women across the country, struggle to live life with human dignity and respect.-B. Vijayalakshmi- Posted: 2017/7/2

    Ban on Cattle Slaughter: The Current Debate: Having a glimpse of the Hindu mythology, we can infer that ‘cow’ is regarded as very sacred and religious in the eyes of the Hindus. The Hindus have always worshiped the cow as they believe the animal to be quite holy and pure.-Nirali Deepak Parekh- Posted: 2017/6/29

    Incorporation of a Section 8 Company: Where it is proved to the satisfaction of the Central Government that a person or an association of persons proposed to be registered under this Act as a limited company.-excomply- Posted: 2017/6/29

    Enforcement of intellectual property rights by foreign companies in China: Both India along with European countries and China are members of world intellectual property organization (WIPO), having its intellectual property laws patterned on Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works and the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS).- Siddharths- Posted: 2017/6/29

    Religion: Nurturing Crime And Ravaging Humanity: Every religion is divided into theory and practice. According to Sankhya philosophy, the combination of three things composes nature, Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas.-Tanu Rathor- Posted: 2017/6/27

    Point of action to be taken to adopt GST: GST would turn into a reality and the country could witness changes in the customary methods for working together.-LexComply- Posted: 2017/6/27

    Suicide or Honor Killing?: In the present society we see many people committing suicide for reasons unknown to their family even and if these cases come in the light of the public, the reasons remain unidentified or not reported. Here is one such story where the cause of the suicide was assumed to have been a murder.- Ruth Diya C- Posted: 2017/6/27

    Uberrima Fides: Uberrima fides is a Latin phrase meaning utmost good faith literally, most abundant faith. It is the name of a legal doctrine which governs insurance contracts.-Anant- Posted: 2017/6/27

    Attendance of Persons Confined or Detained In Prisons under CRPC: The accused in India are given certain rights, the most basic of which are found in the Indian Constitution. The broad theory behind these rights is that the government has huge means available to it for the prosecution of entities, and individuals therefore are eligible to some protection from misuse of those powers by the government.-Mudit Bohara- Posted: 2017/6/23

    Definition of Space Law: The term space is indefinite and has never been formalized in legal terms. According to natural science, it is the portion of universe between celestial bodies and particularly the part of the universe lying outside the limit of the earth atmosphere. The question as to what is air space and outer space arises.- Siri Sakhamuru- Posted: 2017/6/23

    Santhara: A Path To Death: Santhara refers to the practice of decreasing the intake of food and water gradually in order to end ones life and attain moksha.The Honble Rajasthan high court has banned this practice stating that it is equivalent to attempt to suicide. Apparently supreme court has declared a stay on the judgment.-aaksha11sajnani- Posted: 2017/6/19

    What is GST? How is It Beneficial for Citizens and NRIs?: Tax is the biggest concern for anyone whose income exceeds the exemptions. Sharing a part of your hard-earned money in the form of several taxes is painful. We would be alien to that pain if there would have an identical type of tax.-semlovelysharma- Posted: 2017/6/19

    Right to Privacy Violated- Aadhaar Card: The Supreme Court delivered its judgment in the constitutional challenge to Section 139AA of the Income Tax Act, which was brought in by way of an amendment in April this year, this provision made it mandatory for all taxpayers to quote their Aadhaar number when applying for a Permanent Account Number (PAN) and for filing returns of income. Failure to link one’s PAN with Aadhaar would automatically invalidate the former.-Ruth Diya C- Posted: 2017/6/18

    Supply under the Central Goods and Services Tax CGST Act: Under the Goods and Services Tax (GST), supply happens to be the taxable event under intra inter state transfer of either goods and/or services.-Sanjeev Nanda- Posted: 2017/6/18

    Collegium system: darkness Unveiled: The collegium system of appointment and transfer of judges of higher courts is followed in India. This system is widely referred as judge-selecting-judge.-Nehavermadme- Posted: 2017/6/13

    Nature and Evolution of Space Law: This article is related to the history, development and need for space law. It provides the legilations prescribed by the united nations commitee COPUS which includes hard law and soft law. Hard law specifies on the five basic treaties and their important articles, soft law specifies on other principles. Further the article discusses about the commercialisation of space, need for regulation for commercial activties in space. It also discusses about the regulation formed in this regard i.e the Space Act, 2012. It conculdes with the Indian senario over the space legislation and commercial activities in space.-Siri Sakhamuru- Posted: 2017/6/12

    Steps Pro and Cons of Getting K3 Visa for Immigration to US: The foreign countries, especially European nations, are strictly executing their immigration rules presently. However, it used to be challenging to get the US visa.-semlovelysharma- Posted: 2017/6/8

    Maternity Amendment Act: The journey of a woman from the initial phase, that is from her birth till the time she ceases to exist involves hardship and hindrances. From being a child, then a teenager, later an adult, then a married woman to lastly being a mother, the entire duration isn’t a smooth flowing and an effortless one.-Nirali Deepak Parekh- Posted: 2017/6/2

    Cow Vigilantes: Abusers of Humanity: Cattle Slaughter in India is a taboo, because according to Hindu beliefs, cow is considered to be sacred animal, as it provides us with life-sustaining milk. Millions of Hindus worship and revere cows. The cow is also known as symbol of wealth, strength, peace, abundance and selflessness. Hindu religion gives cow, the status of Mother to the level of goddesses. -Tanu Rathor- Posted: 2017/6/2

    Sketching Law of Treaties : All kinds of inter-state transactions are conducted through treaties, various international organizations are established by means if treaties, for example the International Labour Organization (ILO) which was established through the treaties of Versailles.-Atul Alexander- Posted: 2017/6/2

    Interpreting Security Council Resolutions to unlock unilateral intervention and self-defense: The short article deciphers the interpretative views on security council resolutions.-Atul Alexander- Posted: 2017/6/1

    Torts Against Secular Communal Group: A study of Communal violence in India:Communal violence is a form of violence that is perpetrated across ethnic or communal lines, the violent parties feel solidarity for their respective groups, and victims are chosen based upon group membership. The term includes conflicts, riots and other forms of violence between communities of different religious faith or ethnic origins.-ashank40- Posted: 2017/6/1

    Emails and contracts - communication and validity: There always have been a question on the validity of the communications and contracts formed by the medium of email. As I choose this topic for my research so I will try to throw light on this topic and try to know the legal perspective of the topic. I will discuss about communications and formed contacts including reference cases.-ashank40- Posted: 2017/6/1

    What OCI Holders Should Remember before Appearing in NEET?: Its not essential that only India aspirants take route to the US, UK or any other foreign country for getting admission in any prestigious college.-semlovelysharma- Posted: 2017/6/1

    Talaq-Divorce in Islam: The most heated topic at present in India is the issue of triple Talaq in Islam, wherein the Honble Supreme Court of India is rendering its precious and valuable time to curb out this so called social evil of Triple Talaq in order to protect the rights of Indian Muslim Women from this social evil.-advmohamedahamed- Posted: 2017/6/1

    Principle of Lifting the Corporate Veil: There is often talk about how a company is a person in eyes of law. A company is treated as if its a human of its own kind. It is given mandate to provide various kinds of information such as minutes of meetings, number of directors, list of objects for what the company is formed and others.-Naman Sharm- Posted: 2017/5/31

    The Struggle for Human Rights: Plight of Muslim Women: In today’s world Muslim women can still be seen searching for the light in this dark patriarchal society of India. A number of legislations have been enacting time and again, pertaining to make reforms in the concrete status of women.-Priya Chaudhary- Posted: 2017/5/16

    Poverty alleviation and the significance of MGNREGA: Poverty is an unacceptable human condition that should not persist for a long time. In order to develop a country, the first and foremost task is to eliminate poverty and reduce social imbalances.-Pratim Sarkar- Posted: 2017/5/16

    Tips to Revise A/C into NRO/NRE/ FCNR Prior to Immigration: Prior to foreign visit, there are several home-works that the would-be expat must keep in mind. Re-designation of local bank account in to NRE, NRO or FCNR is the primary thing to do so that the channelization and calculation of taxable amount would be easy for the person.-semlovelysharma- Posted: 2017/5/10

    Prelude to International Law: nternational Law is principles and rules of conduct, which the states feel themselves bound to observe and which include, rules of law relating to functioning of International Institution or Organisations, and their relation with states and individuals.-ALEXANDER- Posted: 2017/5/6

    Banking Ombudsman Scheme 2006: Banking Ombudsman is a quasi judicial authority functioning under India’s Banking Ombudsman Scheme 2006, and the authority was created pursuant to a decision made by the Government of India to enable resolution of complaints of customers of banks relating to certain services rendered by the banks.-moumita mallick- Posted: 2017/5/6

    Cruelty and Inhumanity towards Animals in India: Cruelty and inhumanity towards animals in India are on the rise and majority of people of unaware of the rules established by the government to protect these innocent animals from harm and cruelty.-Sanjeev Nanda- Posted: 2017/5/6

    Clinical Trials in Ayurvedic Drugs: Clinical trial in Ayurvedic drugs is the need of the time. There is news in the media that clinical trials are going to be mandatory for herbal drugs.1 Some experts opine that good clinical practice is not practical in Ayurveda.2 This article covers the approach one can think of while conducting clinical trials in Ayurvedic drugs. The article also covers the scope and limitations of this concept.-Manish Ranjan- Posted: 2017/4/30

    Are Human Rights Eligible To Be Regarded As Basic Rights or Natural Rights: Human rights are moral principles or norms, which describe certain standards of human behavior, and are regularly protected as legal rights in municipal and international law.-Sahabuddin Mondal- Posted: 2017/4/30

    Articles of Association: Articles of Association is a document which prescribes the rules and bye-laws for the general management of the company and for the attainment of its object as given in the memorandum.-Sahabuddin Mondal- Posted: 2017/4/30

    Central State Relation - Legislative, Administrative and Financial: In India, before the formation of the federation the States were not sovereign entities. As such, there was no need for safeguards to protect States. On account of the exigencies of the situation, the Indian federation has acquired characteristics which are quite different from the American model.-Sahabuddin Mondal- Posted: 2017/4/30

    Nature And Scope of Public Administration: Public Administration is a newly emerged discipline compare to other Social Sciences discipline. Public Administration has gained immense importance since the emergence of Administrative state.-Sahabuddin Mondal- Posted: 2017/4/30

    Meaning and Kind of Person : The term person is derived from Latin word persona which means a mask worn by actors playing different roles in a drama. In modern days it has been used in a sense of a living person capable of having rights and duties. Now it has been used in different senses in different disciplines.-Manish Ranjan- Posted: 2017/4/26

    Problems And Issues of Surrogate Mother and Her Child: A Jewish proverb states that God could not be everywhere so he made mothers. A pious expression of a mother is given to a female when she gives birth to a child.-Sahabuddin Mondal- Posted: 2017/4/26

    Benefits and Drawbacks of Being PIO and OCI: The confusion is prevalent over keeping PIO or OCI cards. The government has declared deadline to convert PIO card into OCI till 30th of June 2017.-semlovelysharma- Posted: 2017/4/24

    Freedom of expression - Democracy: It is a paradox that every dictator has climbed to power on the ladder of free speech. Immediately on attaining power each dictator has suppressed all free speech except his own.-nirbhayphusate- Posted: 2017/4/19

    History of Banking institution in India: With the use of technology banking at present has become much more user or customer friendly. Banking ombudsmen was established to take care of the grievances of the customers against the services provided to them by the bank.-moumita mallick- Posted: 2017/4/19

    Distinction between Companies Act 1956 and Companies Act 2013: The word company is amalgamation of the Latin word ‘Com’ meaning with or together and ‘Pains’ means “bread”. A company is nothing but a group of persons who have come together or who have contributed money for some common person and who have incorporated themselves into a distinct legal entity in form of company for that purpose.-nehpurohit- Posted: 2017/4/19

    Women Participation in Democratic Government:- Issues and Challenges: True democracy is a system which in Abraham Lincolns words, is a government of the people, by the people and for the people. While most of the democracies have given a system which has government elected by all the sections of societies-Sahabuddin Mondal - Posted: 2017/4/12

    Role of Proxy Advisory Firms In Corporate Governance: Despite the fact that shareholders can't be forced to practice their votes, market focus approach has been tried by the authorities for the involvement of institutional investors.-atishasingh92- Posted: 2017/4/12

    Juvenile Delinquency Rehabilitation or Punishment, The Route To Reform : Juvenile delinquency is an aspect of society that has started demanding greater attention in the recent years. The very many changes in societal standards, the increase in awareness among youth as compared to the youth of yesteryears, the access to multitudes of information (on almost every topic under the sun); the increase in choices and the corresponding availability in resources has made the term ‘delinquent’ lose its potency when used to denote a young criminal.-orcinus31- Posted: 2017/4/10

    The Great Indian Reservation System: Residence Reservation System, The seed for principle of reservation were sown way back in 19th century. Reservation, be it caste-based or domicile-based, has been a sensitive issue across the country and is least discussed in the political domain for some obvious reasons.-Muskaan- Posted: 2017/4/10

    Maternity benefit period and creche's provision: As we know that Indian Government has been trying to encourage women and in return women have proved that they can serve everywhere emphatically whether it is house or corporate world. To protect the women and to develop women, there are various legislations in India-lexcomply- Posted: 2017/4/10

    Is rope an answer for Crime?: The blessings of a god i do not ask to receive, but the death penalty is murder that is what i believe, and those who believe every murderer should be made to die, without saying so are saying Moses fifth commandment is a lie.-Piyush Mishra- Posted: 2017/4/10

    Freedom of Association: Man is a social animal .He cannot develop keeping himself aloof from his fellow mates in the community. No man can live and progress in isolation. He needs people around to communicate with in order to survive in the society.-Nirali Deepak Parekh- Posted: 2017/4/10

    Role of gender in food politics: Food, basic paradigm of energy and a source of fulfillment and prosperity, might seem even not to be the remotest kin of politics, a term redolent of power, manipulation, and commerce, but the two are tightly linked. Commercial interests affect nearly every aspect of the systems of food production, distribution, and consumption, from farm to fork.-Vandana Singh & Shakshi Singh- Posted: 2017/4/8

    Delegation of Taxation Power: though taxation is as essential legislative function, it can also be delegated to executive authority read full article.-Nivedha Krishnamurti- Posted: 2017/4/8

    Novelty under the Designs Act, 2000: Those who wish to purchase an article for use are often influenced in their choice not only by practical utility and efficiency but also by its appearance.Some look for artistic merit. Some are attracted by a design which is strange or bizarre.-Pranjalina- Posted: 2017/4/8

    Major changes brought about by the Trademark Rules,2017: The Government of India took forth the initiative to draft a new set of rules that are in alignment with the objective of fastening the procedure of trademark filing while decreasing red-tapism and delays.-Pranjalina- Posted: 2017/4/6

    Special Acts and the Transfer of Property Act, 1882 - Harish Chandra Hegde v. State of Karnataka: Property is one of the fundamental elements of the life of an individual. The Transfer of Property Act was enacted in order to provide definite statutory laws that regulated the transfer of property.-Ruchira- Posted: 2017/4/6

    Take Urgent Action To Combat Climate Change And Its Impacts: Human impact on the environment, Encouraging people to switch to renewable energy such as solar, wind and biomass can effectively the ever growing global warming, greenhouse effects and thus can combat climate change to a huge extent. Forests must be protected worldwide as forests play a critical role in global warming, they store carbon.-priyanka_hindu- Posted: 2017/4/6

    Demonetization-Challenges In Cash Less Economy: Demonetization is the act of stripping a currency unit of its status as legal tender. It occurs whenever there is a change of national currency: The current form or forms of money is pulled from circulation and retired, often to be replaced with new notes or coins. Sometimes, a country completely replaces the old currency with new currency.-Sonam Hassim- Posted: 2017/4/6

    Right To Privacy A Fundamental Right-Uidai Violative of Individuals Right To Privacy: Over the period of time, the meaning of privacy has changed; but that does not mean it is a dynamic term, just that it needs a dynamic interpretation of law. Many countries have recognised the Right to Privacy as their constitutional right. The scope of Privacy is limited.-Priyanka hindu- Posted: 2017/3/31

    How NRIs Send PoA from Abroad and Use its Attested Copy in India: NRIs or any other emigrants can delegate any reliable person to discharge his responsibility legally. Power of Attorney (PoA) can do favour to them by introducing relief and comfort in settling down property disputes and exchanging old currency notes under demonetization. But it should be attested from Indian embassy.-semlovelysharma- Posted: 2017/3/31

    Representation of Women in the Legal Profession In India: Starting with the induction of Cornelia Sorabji into the High Court of Allahabad in 1921 to practice as an Advocate, the legal profession had thrown open its doors to the female population of India. Formally, after the passing of the Legal Practitioners' (Women) Act, XXIII of 1923 abolishing the bar on women from practising Law, Indian women were granted the right to take up the legal profession and practice as Advocates in the Courts of Law.-orcinus31- Posted: 2017/3/31

    Need For Corporate Social Responsibility: Corporate social responsibility focusses on the idea that a business has social obligation above and beyond making a profit. It requires a management to be accountable to the full range of stakeholders.-Roma jain- Posted: 2017/3/31

    Working of Capital Market In India: Capital market is one of the most important segments of the Indian financial system. It is the market available to the companies for meeting their requirements of the long term funds.-Roma Jain- Posted: 2017/3/31

    Formation of Special Courts in Rape Cases for Speedy Trial: Time has come to ask the government when the fast track courts will be established in rape cases. Inadequacy of current procedural laws in a form of prolonged trial which result in low conviction rate defeat the fundamental right of victim to live with dignity and integrity. Speedy trial can result in reduction of rape cases against women and would meet ends in justice.-Roma Jain- Posted: 2017/3/30

    Single Status Certificate Format of Indian Embassy: Unmarried certificate determines the person is single by matrimonial status. The applicant has to visit the SDM, DM or court for withdrawing it.-semlovelysharma- Posted: 2017/3/30

    Quash 498a -Vague allegations in FIR: Quash 498a -Vague allegations in Fir The case of 498a can be quashed when there are vague the allegations in the FIR. A FIR is a first document on which whole investigation and chargesheet is based. Image result for 498a quash.-Nitish Banka - Posted: 2017/3/30

    Quashing of False FIR registered under 498A and 406 of the Indian Penal Code: Quash False 498a: Harsh Vardhan Arora v. Smt Kavita Arora, The Court can exercise extraordinary jurisdiction vested under section 482 of the Code of Criminal Procedure 1973 primarily to prevent the abuse of the process of the court or otherwise secure the ends of justice.-Nitish Banka - Posted: 2017/3/30

    Unsophisticated Arena of Criminal Investigation: Loopholes and Repercussions:  – not playing active role in quest for truth like in inquisitorial system – playing just the role like that of an umpire Ours being an adversarial system of criminal justice, role of police in arena of criminal investigation and marshalling of evidence for trial is active one. With area of investigation and collection of evidence left to investigating officers and prosecution at pre-trial stage and judiciary being itself hands-off in such matterse in a football game at pre-trial stage, question is how much adherence is shown by police and investigating agencies toward procedure and how effectively investigation is conducted and how much modern technology and its probative value in trials is appreciated or is it just undermined?-Shayesta Nazir- Posted: 2017/3/30

    NRIs, PIO and OCI to Share Tax Info Under FATCA/CRS Agreement: Emigrants from India, including NRIs, OCIs & PIOs, have to share their tax information with the country of their origin and the country where they live.-semlovelysharma- Posted: 2017/3/8

    Fast Track mergers:The Companies Act, 2013 has provided a scheme for fast track mergers, dispensing with the cumbersome procedure laid down for certain classes of companies. Read on to know more.-anishak31- Posted: 2017/3/6

    Freedom of Business, Trade and Profession: Bonafide usage of this freedom will help to foster a healthy relationship among everyone in the society. But on the contrary malafide usage will lead to havoc as well as cause a disturbance in the working of the democracy, which in turn will act as a hindrance to the growth and development of the economy.-Nirali Deepak Parekh- Posted: 2017/3/6

    Debate over Sitting or Standing at Cinema Hall Whether Violation of Right to freedom of Speech and Expression :This article focuses attention on the directions of the Supreme Court in “Shyam Narayan Chouksey v. Union of India that “all the cinema halls in India shall play the national anthem before the feature film starts and all present in the hall are obliged to stand up to show respect to the national anthem as a part of their “sacred obligation”.-Madhavi Shukirbaba Sarvade- Posted: 2017/3/5

    Terrorist and their Tactics:-Need of Creative Criminology: In the case of Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel who attacked on Bastille Day celebrations in France in July in Nice by speeding a truck for 2km (about 1 mile) along the crowded promenade:- Eighty-four people, including 10 children, were killed and Two hundred and two people were injured and 52 people remain in critical care, 25 on life support.-sanjay- Posted: 2017/3/5

    Jurisdictional Challenges in Online Transactions: The advancement in technology has brought with it a new wave of advanced communication, and transactions through virtual mediums have replaced face to face transactions. Today, e- commerce plays a vital role in nearly every sphere of life- with simply just a click of the mouse we can pay our electricity/telephone bills, do online shopping, transfer money to persons in different parts of the globe, conduct business deals etc.-anishak31- Posted: 2017/3/3

    Medical Negligence: Medical negligence is not a simple tort. It poses a serious danger to the life of a patient who is already in need of care. The only person on whom he places his trust and confidence, if proves to be negligent, puts a question mark in our minds that if the doctors are negligent them whom to trust.-karan guleria- Posted: 2017/2/28

    Voting Rights in India to Non-Resident Indians: Election laws: Human rights are the most basic, inalienable, interdependent and universally recognized rights that are indispensable for existence and growth of any human being.-Tushti- Posted: 2017/2/27

    Corporate Social Responsibility: What goes around comes around. Everything is connected to everything else. A man will receive only the yield which he deserves a fruit of his snow. This is how the virtue of responsibility drives one to do what is not harmful to another.-Nikunj Keyal- Posted: 2017/2/22

    Alternate Dispute Resolution vis-a-vis allied case laws:ndian law encompasses five types of Alternate Dispute Resolution (“ADR”) procedures, made up of one adjudicatory process (arbitration) and four negotiatory (non-adjudicatory) processes--conciliation, mediation, judicial settlement and Lok Adalat settlement.-csllbmandarrane- Posted: 2017/2/22

    Right to Privacy is a Fundamental Right - A Study: Right to Privacy first of all we need to know what does the word Privacy mean. According to Black’s Law Dictionary “right to be let alone; the right of a person to be free from any unwarranted publicity; the right to live without any unwarranted interference by the public in matters with which the public is not necessarily concerned”.-Sahabuddin Mondal- Posted: 2017/2/22

    A Machinery Safeguarding Environment: National Green Tribunal: During theRio de Janeirosummit ofUnited Nations Conference on Environment and Developmentin June 1992, India vowed the participating states to provide judicial and administrative remedies for the victims of the pollutants and other environmental damage.-Chauhan Nidhi- Posted: 2017/2/22

    Winding up of a Private Limited Company under Companies Act, 2013: This articles simplifies the procedure for winding up a Private Limited Company laid down under the amended Companies Act, 2013.-Chauhan Nidhi- Posted: 2017/2/21

    Video recording of the court proceedings: video recording of the proceedings would undoubtedly benefit in increasing the transparency in the judicial system. It would also support in strengthening the pillars of faith and confidence among the citizens in the country combating for their rights- Live recording of the entire scenario of the court-room would also curtail the risk of disputes occurring on the various grounds which may be raised by the parties like, during their absence some contentions or facts might not have been taken into proper consideration by the judge while hearing the matter and the order was passed or the advocate would have represented the case in an inappropriate manner.-Nirali Deepak Parekh- Posted: 2017/2/20

    The Consumer Protection Law- Birds Eye View: One of the main objectives of the Consumer Protection Act is to safeguard the consumers from different kinds of malpractices adopted by sellers, businessmen etc which includes supply of defective and deficient goods and services, low quality products, overcharging in the name of high grade and quality etc.-- Posted: 2017/2/11

    E-Waste Management Rules 2016: Unbridled use of science and technology has given birth to many problems including the problem of eco-imbalances and environmental degradation. With the advancement of science and technology, this problem has assumed threatening dimension. Electronic waste or e-wastes are a major threat not only to flora and fauna but threatened the very existence of mankind. "E-wastes are considered dangerous, as certain components of some electronic products contain materials that are hazardous, depending on their condition and density. The hazardous content of these materials pose a threat to human health and environment.-Manu- Posted: 2017/2/7

    Union Budget 2017-18: The word 'budget is derived from the Middle English word 'bowgette', which came from 'bougette' which means a lether bag in French.-Umang Thakar- Posted: 2017/2/7

    Freedom of Religion: The Indian Constitution guarantees various fundamental rights to the citizens. One of the fundamental rights guaranteed by the constitution also includes right to freedom of religion. India is a secular nation and therefore every citizen residing within the territory of India has the right to follow the religion they believe in . This right basically entitles every Indian citizen and gives him the liberty to preach practice and propagate the religion of his choice.-Nirali Deepak Parekh- Posted: 2017/2/7

    E Waste Management Issues Challenges and Proposed Solutions: The paper discusses the problem of e waste generation in the World and within the Indian States and the hazards associated with it. The paper proposes some solutions to deal with the menace of the e waste. read full article.-rohit sharma- Posted: 2017/1/24

    No Detention Policy: An Appraisal: Section 16 of the RTE Act categorically lays down that “No child admitted in a school shall be held back in any class or expelled from the school till the completion of elementary education.” Under this policy, the students up to class VIII are automatically promoted to the next class without being held back even if they do not get a passing grade.-Sujata Sofra- Posted: 2017/1/12

    Dishonour of Cheque its Consequences Under Negotiable Instruments Act As Amended Upto: When a cheque is presented in the concerned bank by the drawee within the stipulated time i.e within the three months from the date of issue the drawee bank issue ‘ Check Return Memo’ to the payee mentioning the reason for non – payment.-Roma Jain- Posted: 2017/1/6

    Quasi-Federal Nature of Indian Constitution: It has been the matter of debate among the scholars that whether the Constitution of India is completely federal or unitary in nature. But actually Indian constitution contains both features of a federal constitution and unitary constitution.-Shreyaa- Posted: 2017/1/6

    Freedom of Speech and Expression: Freedom of Speech and Expression is a fundamental right guaranteed to all the citizens residing within the territory of India under article 19 (1) (a) of the constitution of India. It gives the ability to each and every citizen to take a step forward and voice their opinion , from every nook and corner of the country.-Nirali Deepak Parekh- Posted: 2017/1/4

    GST: New Dimensions in Indian Tax System: An attempt has been made under this paper to examine the meaning, scope, advantages and disadvantages of the concept of Goods and Services Tax (GST).-Manu- Posted: 2017/1/4

    Reduction of interim maintainence: Mohd. Zafarullah Khan vs Yasmeen Khan And Ors. on 3 November, 1989 Now on facts, the wife is working as a beautician and earning something. So far as the minor daughters are concerned.-Advocate Nitish Banka- Posted: 2017/1/3

    Transfer Petition filed by wife: When wife files the transfer petition in Supreme Court usually husband is defenseless, although husband receives the summons from the Supreme Court if the transfer is from one state to another, here are some of the judgments which can help.-Advocate Nitish Banka- Posted: 2017/1/3

    Judgments on NI 138 Quash: On deposit of cheque amount along with interest @ 18% Pa from the date of cheque till date of payment the proceedings under 138 NI act was quashed. Dalmia Resorts Pvt Ltd V Deepak Gupta.-Advocate Nitish Banka- Posted: 2017/1/3

    Merger And The Role of Competition Commission of India: The competition act, 2002 was enacted with an objective of promoting competition and protecting the interest of consumers.-Advocate Sneha Suman- Posted: 2017/1/3

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