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Tax Laws in India

An Insight On Income Tax Laws in India, double taxation, foreign tax, sales tax, vat tax, Vat Acts, Filing of Tax Return, Taxation of Companies, Taxation of Foreign Nationals, Download income tax Forms

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Tax lawyers in India

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Taxing Foreign Income of Company:
Taxation of foreign income entails the taxation by one country of income that its residents earn in another country. Tax incidence of an individual solely depends upon his residential status

Pre-requisite of Taxes: A perk is an additional benefit provided by an employer, in cash or in kind, apart from regular salary and allowances. It may be in cash or in kind and results in a personal benefit to the employee

D.E.P.B., Its Taxability - Issues Therein: he case of Sadhu Overseas, Faridabad Vs State of Haryana decided by Haryana Tax Tribunal on 21.10.03 has held DEPB as equal to money

TRIPS: Developing countries have raised a range of different concerns with the

Hutch Vodafone Merger - An Issue Of Tax Planning: It is a landmark case that will severely impact the Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) landscape in India. No matter which way it goes

Tax implications in a product loan transaction: Sales tax implication on a stock loan transaction between two companies dealing

Capital Gains Tax & Joint Development Agreement: The scope of Capital Gains in Joint Development Agreement is a vast

Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements: Fiscal jurisdiction is often the most aggressively guarded jurisdiction of any nation.

Fringe Benefit Tax: The article is about Fringe Benefit Tax. Fringe Benefit Tax is a tax to be paid by an employer

New Dimension to India's Taxation Policy: Change in taxation policy from the British Raj to the independence

Cash Credit: Section 68 has been introduced into the taxing enactments in order to plug loopholes

Residence & Intentions under Tax Laws: Section 6 of the Income Tax Act, 1961. The scheme provided under the said section clearly

Power to Tax In Territorial Waters: It examines that who has the power to impose tax in territorial waters

Taxation of Software: Traditionally, sales/use tax has applied only to the sale of tangible personal property

Can Sales Tax be levied on sale of Lottery Tickets: the question of levying of sales tax on sale of lottery tickets has been raised time and again

Securitisation: A Boon for the Banking Sector: With advent of the Recovery of Debts Due To Banks and Financial Institutions Act, 1993 there was a great hope within the banking circle

Outward Transit Insurance - Whether Part Of Taxable Sale Price: Contract of sale can either be Ex works contract or F.O.R contracts

Advance Ruling Under Vat Acts: A major tax payer friendly initiative in the shape of Advance Ruling has been taken by the State of Haryana in its VAT Act

Policies, Incentives of Central Excise and Customs related rto SSI: Central Excise duty is an indirect tax, collected by the manufacturers of goods. Essentially it is a duty on

Fiscal Federalism In India: "An Insight Into The Concept And Structure Of Sales Taxation " India has a federal form of government, and hence a federal finance system.

Taxation For E-Commerce- A Global Perspective: The task of taxing commerce on the Net is daunting, since the data flowing through

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Taxing Power In Democracy: Power is a measure of a person's ability to control the environment around them

Royalty - Taxability Under Vat Laws: IPR & Incorporeal goods is the most talked of subject as on date. Law on various aspects on this subject is still in the

Odious Debt: It seems there are not too many lawyers who have an understanding of or about the technical meaning of odious

International Tax: International Tax is a field where the taxing jurisdiction of two countries is involved. Tax is a sovereign issue

VAT in Asia Pacific: This article deals with the inception of VAT in European Union and the Asia Pacific countries

How SEBI Should Deal With Disgorged Money: The Concept of ‘Disgorgement’ is gaining importance in the Indian Financial

Special Economic Zone: A Special Economic Zone (SEZ) is a geographical region that has economic laws

Foreign Currency Convertible Bonds: India is the 7th largest and 2nd most populous country in the world. It is also the 4th largest

Application of Income: There are certain fundamental concepts which play a very elementary role in the computation of income tax

Household Savings: A high level of savings helps the economy to progress on a continuous growth path since Investment is mainly financed

SEZ: The emergence of SEZs in a conservative society like India is aimed at changing the Indian outdated thinking and environment

Valuation of excisable Goods for the purpose of charging excise Duty: Valuation of excisable goods is relevant in the context of goods, which are chargeable to ad valorem levies

Leave Encashment: Leave Encashment is taxed differently for following types of employees.

Analysis of value added chain (Value Added Tax):

Salary Tax: Money which you earn from different sources is taxed differently. So if you are a salary earner, your salary income to be taxed will be calculated in a different way from gains

Allowances: The exemption of House Rent Allowance (HRA) received is exempt to the least of the following

Canons of Taxation: basic principles of taxation have remained more or less unchanged for the past 220 years

Tax on Works Contract: The Supreme Court recently agreed to reopen the case of sales tax on works contracts. Notices have been served

Dishonour of Cheque: The main object of this piece of legislation is to inculcate faith in the efficacy of banking operations

Bank Frauds: Fraud is any dishonest act and behaviour by which one person gains or intends to gain advantage over another

Overview of Fringe benefit tax: This tax is already levied in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan

Tax Form in India: Free Download legal Forms, passport, Company Registration Forms, Schedule Caste (SC/ST) Certificate, Backward Class, Marriage Registration, Lok Adalat, legal Aid, Newspaper Registration, Click here for more Law forms in India

The Bhopal Gas Tragedy: On Whether and How the Indian Companies Act, 1956 can be used to make a case for imposing social responsibility on corporations: As far question of corporate social responsibility in case of Bhopal gas tragedy arises only speculation can be made of what will happen in future till then we have to wait and watch as there is no existing provision in company law which enforces such obligation of social responsibility

Interpretation of taxing statute as strict construction and exemption: Taxation is statutory filed. No tax can be levied and collected except according to the authority of law. There is fiscal legislation every year much of it prepared in great secrecy and under server pressured of time, and it directly affects most people. This legislation is complicated and elaborated because of intricate prepositions it has to express, and the verity of circumstances and conditions in which it falls to be applied and the refined distinctions it embodies in order to attempt to cater expressly for them. Consequently, the body of tax statues as whole is voluminous and complex in structure as well as in concept and expression. There is another reason for the fiscal legislation being complex and complicated. In fact, taxes are as complex as life.

Feasibility of GAAR for removing the practice of Tax Avoidance: Internationally, tax avoidance has been recognized as an area of concern and several countries have expressed concern over tax evasion and avoidance. This is also evident from the fact that either nations are legislating the doctrine of General Anti-Avoidance Regulations in their tax code or strengthening their existing code. General Anti-avoidance Rule (herein referred as GAAR) is a concept which generally empowers the Revenue Authorities in a country to deny the tax benefits of transactions or arrangements which do not have any commercial substance or consideration other than achieving the tax benefit. Denial of tax benefits by the Revenue Authorities in different countries, often by disregarding the form of the transaction, has been a matter of conflict between the Revenue Authorities and the taxpayers.

The Double Tax Avoidance Agreement between India and Mauritius: The Double Tax Avoidance Agreement ( herein referred as DTAA) entered into between India and Mauritius provides for potential tax exemption to the foreign investors because of which Mauritius is considered as one of the preferred route for making investments into India, which exempts capital gains tax arising on sale of shares of an Indian company.

Tax privileges for import of energy-saving equipment into Ukraine: Ukrainian businesses that import energy-saving products such as energy-saving materials, equipment and components into Ukraine are exempted from payment of import duty and value added tax (VAT).

The Irony of Taxing the Environment to Protect It - A UK Perspective: the hypothesis which I mentioned earlier is proven to be correct because in my hypothesis I mentioned that Exemption Notifications have to be strictly construed; if exemption is available on complying with certain conditions, conditions have to be complied with which is true because if the condition for taking exemption for tax relief is not fulfill then exemption will not be granted, exemption or tax relief will be granted only when the essential condition which are complying with must be fulfilled. In this last chapter I also conclude that the taxing statute is also strictly constructed as all statutes are interpreted strictly because each and every statute should be interpreted in a strict manner.

Deductions Under Section 80d & 80e Of The Income Tax Act: deductions provided by section 80C, which currently has the limit up to `100000/- ; there are deductions provided to the assessee in our income tax law other than these as well. Two significant amongst these are: Firstly, deduction on insurance premium paid on taking Medical insurance policy and Secondly, deduction on interest paid on education loans

Undue Hardship Under Section 35F of the Central Excise Act ANF 129 E of the Customs A: Paper focalizes on Section 35F of the Central Excise Act, 1942 and Section 129E of the Customs Act, 1962. An attempt is made to interpret the word undue hardship which appear in both the sections. Since both the section are verbatim the same and for this reason the author would be using them interchangeably, so that the nerve of the judiciary may be studied in most effective way.

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