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Why blasphemous crime should be abolished

The crime related to blasphemous has been given the section 295A of Indian Penal code which says that If any person commits the any act with the purpose of hurting a religious sentiment than he / she will be liable under this section it is a debate from a long time that blasphemous crime should be abolished . I am in the favour of abolishment of section 295A with some point which is given below

(1) Our country is a secular country . The word secular has been added by the 42nd constitutional amendment Act 1976 in our country blasphemous law reduce the dignity of secularism because according to Indian context The word secular means the state have no religion while Special laws for religious community promote the feeling of communalism and Secularism is a main part of Indian Constitution In the case SR Bommai v union of India supreme Court held that Secularism is a basic structure of our constitution it can not be remove by the procedure of Amendment of constitution

(2) My second argument is that This section was not a part of our Indian Penal Code when it was enforced it was added in the year of 1927 at that time All Religious. Community are fight
Against the British government and they want to broke their unity that is why they criminalized blasphemous act

(3) my third argument is that the law related to blasphemy is against the Article 191 (a) which talk about the right to speech and expression and of course there are some restriction has been defined in Article 19 (2) like sovereignty and integrity of India, security of state , friendly relation with foreign states, public order, decency, morality, contempt of court defamation and incitement of offence thus it is clear that it has not define in Article 19 (2) that In the name of hurting a religious sentiment Right to speech and expression can be violated

(4) if we will look the validity of section 295A of Indian penal code than we will find that this section promote the feelings of bigotry because Blasphemous laws protect the malice rules and tradition of fundamentalist for example if any person talk the bitter truth about any religion than he can be charged under the offence of section 295A of Indian penal code while Article 51A (e) it is a duty of the citizen to opposed those practice which is against the dignity of the women.

(5) the laws related to blasphemy is a violation of right to life of atheist persons because Religion is a inner matter Anyone can not be force to became a religious person and Right to express their view includes the right to life and personal liberty

In the Conclusion I want to says that it is no doubt that the blasphemous laws has been misused against the progressive and atheist community Ban on book of Salman Rousdie and exile of Taslima Nasreen is the two best example and law should be change from time to time and before a 150 year ago sati tradition was not a crime so I think for the purpose of protecting the right of intellectual group and atheist this should be abolished without any delay.

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