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Impact of drugs on Human Body

Human body is the creation of god and the most precious creation on the earth. human body is capable of doing so many activities for example thinking, speaking, exercising, or implementing the thinking, discoveries, etc.

But at the same time human body is very sensitive because of its lucid, complex and critical arrangement of sensitively designed organs.

Brain is the most sensitive part of human body, though it is protected by skull and hairs.

Because brain controls all the functions of our body it requires special treatment that too healthy one. but youth is so much fond of using short cuts that they go for drugs.

Drugs are special medicines or habitual doses that men takes to nourish rather over power his brain. these include cocaine, heroine, solution, narcotics, etc.

These harmful chemicals control your brain slowly makes you habitual and leads to breakage of thinking and controlling capacity of brain. this intake of harmful drugs destroy human body completely and makes us dull and energyless and makes our body out of control.

To control this bad habit, our youth need to be aware of their consequences and at the same time our government and manufacturing and supplying agencies should work together to make best use of it rather than using it in abusive manner.

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