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Unconstitutional Reservation Policy of Aligarh Muslim University

After the statement of up CM Yogi Adityanath on the SC Reservation AMU is again in controversy.
 In this Article I would likely to discuss about the Reservation System in AMU which is totally Contrary to our constitution According to guidelines of Indira Sawney case Reservation can not be more than 50 % while in Aligarh Muslim university 50 % reservation is only for internal student and excpt this there are many reservation category like alumina quota, NRI quota , physical disabled quota and sport quota which is exclude from the 50 % reservation of Internal quota.
 And in AMU there is no any type of Reservation for Sc ST and OBC which is against the Article 16 (4) , Article 16 (5) Now days Supporter of AMU saying that Minority institution is an exception from SC and STs quota but is Aligarh Muslim University a minority institution In the case of Azzez basha case Allahabad high court held that AMU is not a minority institution within the meaning of Article 30 and It is established by parliament Act 1920.
 In Conclusion I would likely to says that Any type of discrimination against SC & ST should not be tolerate and Reservation is a fundamental right of SC ST & OBC category and Reservation more than 50 % is against the guidelines of Indira Sawney case and It is Also an injustice with the General category people According to our Constitution, Supreme Court is a custodian guardian of fundamental right I request to Supreme Court judges that please protect the right of SC& ST and OBC category

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