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Indian Constitution is in danger

After the forming of  Modi government  this question has been raised by the  opposition parties that our constitution is in danger BJP government is trying to change the constitution  In first time , I am fully support in the allegation of  opposition parties  that our constitution is under the threat.

Now I would likely to justify my view with the help of reasonable reason 
Our secularism which had been added by the 42nd constitutional Amendment Act 1976  in our  preamble is a basic features of our constitution Our government knows that Our secularism is a basic features of our constitution  so he is trying to destroy  Indian secularism through the  non state actor  In the Modi government  The cases of mob lynching has reached on the top level and  after the Akhlaq murder case murder as the name of cow has been rapidly growing  . Mob lynching as the name of cow  has been rapidly growing and in such type of cases most of the accused are related with bigots Hindus  organization like VHP, Bajarangdal , RSS  which is closely related with  BJP  so It is not a number doubt to says that our secularism is in danger.

Judiciary which is one of the most important body of democracy, is also in danger  In our country it is often that  Judiciary,  Legislature and press are the pillar of Indian Democracy But misfortunately Our Judiciary is also under the threat After the winning of 2014 election NDA tried to control the appointment  of judges and interference in the Judiciary through the National Judicial Appointment Act  but  That act had been declared  illegal by the supreme Court  through the power of Judicial Review but we can not deny this fact that our Judiciary  are influenced by the  Central Government. The death of  Justice Loya , press conference of four senior most supreme Court judges,  Acquittal of 2 G spectrum   scam etc proved that Our Judiciary is not independently working . For the fair and impartial Judiciary, Independence of Judiciary is very important  and Independent of Judiciary is also a basic structure of our Constitution but it has been misused by the  government for their personal interest.

Our Press , which is a last pillar of Indian democracy  is also under the threat the murder of Journalist
Sujat Bukhari shows that Our press is in under the threat It is under the Article 19 1 (a)  of Indian Constitution which talk about the right to freedom of speech and expression . Today's era  those journalist who is criticizing the government. Policy , are getting a threatened from the BJP supporter people and few days  ago In the Kashmir BJP leader Lal Singh said that journalist
Don't  cross their limit  other be ready for their  death like Sujat Bukhari.

In conclusion I would likely to says that All the main institution of  democracy is in danger  Of we talk against  the government than  we  treats like as anti national Country like India and Secularism is a beauty of our constitution but it is also in danger I hope people will give a strong response  to BJP in 2019 Lok Sabha election for destroying  their constitutional right.

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