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How can we deal with the problem of Rape

 How To Deal With The Growing Crime of Rape In India?
What can we do to stop Rape in India?
Why is it spreading like an epidemic in India? Why are predators targeting minors? 
Such questions haunt our minds all day and night when we get news of the happenings in our country. The nation is  witnessing shame and anger against the incidents but the question is how to resolve the problem which has been rooted deep into our society. We don’t even know who can be a prospective culprit. He can be our friend or enemy, our relative, acquaintance or just a passerby.

Our conscience compels us to think what needs to be changed to make our society safer and prevent such crimes.

Firstly, we need to change the patriarchal setup of the society. This includes giving more power to moms and daughters, wives and sisters in the family in decision making. It can work because it gives the male members, the sons and brothers of the family a sense of acceptance to the fact that female dominance is not bad. He cannot think that he is superior and his decisions need to be followed by female members. The problem is that a male in India grows up with the idea that it is his birthright to acquire the obedience of females, be it family or society or workplace. He has grown up with that idea because he saw it around him. Hence, when he faces disappointment he reacts by proving his dominance and rape becomes a form of showing his supremacy. A sort of ego booster. They say that show of respect is often related to fear. We show more respect to our dad than Mom because a) we are scared of his heavy voice and authority. b) we know that even Mom is scared of him. Similarly, we show more respect to Police because a) we know he has an authority to arrest us and fine us and even has a gun. b) We have seen everyone showing respect to him. So, men can show respect to women if a) Women are given authority both at home and outside and b) Everyone respects them, again at home as well as outside the house. The mindset of the generation needs complete transformation.

Secondly, tolerance breeds acceptance. When anyone makes lucid remarks against a female, she should be taught to raise her voice. It’s not okay to tolerate because someone will get wrong signals about it’s acceptance and may get the courage to commit a greater crime next time with some female. Physical abuse ( not even sexual) by brothers and men should be deterred and an alarm needs to be raised very early. That pat on the cheek by your uncle, if not objected can breed acceptance in society.

Thirdly, rules for men and women cannot be different. Who framed these rules that girls should come home early whereas boys can be late. If it’s unsafe, both should be treated alike. How can a brother ask a sister to be home early when he himself is roaming on the streets glaring at girls? And to top it all I have seen mature women, often well educated boasting about the fact that they don’t go out alone after 7:00 or are home before dark.

What is there to feel proud of it? Why don’t they tell there brothers and husbands to do the same? Probably that will make it a better place to live.It’s a shame that we live in a society that is not safe and on top of it finds solace in hiding from the problem rather than tackling it.

Although the list is endless the most important one evolves through the maxim ‘Justice delayed is Justice denied ‘ However hard we may plead death sentence in rape cases, the purpose will not be served if the trial is not speedy. Got this purpose a time limit, say one year should be fixed for pronouncing the judgement or even better special tribunals should be setup for such cases in metros where HC judges will be appointed to try cases. Then only can we even dream of improving the horrific situation in which our country has been trapped.

As far as law is concerned IPC and other acts have a good amount of provisions to punish the convict but the problem lies in it’s implementation. We are sure now that the present system is not capable of giving justice to such victims. A new niche needs to be carved to address their sorrows.

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