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advocatesWe are thankful to your esteemed site. Which has helped us immensely in our profession. - S K Jegdish & Mrs S J Nagasri

advocatesI'm most impressed by the quality of clients referred by to me  - Adv.Shome

advocatesThanks to we not only understood the potential of Listing in the directory thoroughly, but crafted a powerful Firm Description that sent our practice through the roof when we were added to the directory - Adv.J.Patil

advocatesRespected Sir,
This is my third year listed in your Directory, I do not have words to express my feelings how much it has helped me, I have not only received clients from my city but I have literally become the chosen one for all NRIs previously resident of my city. I have also seen that a client prefer to contact a lawyer online, since there is a general tendency to stay away from lawyers, I have also seen that people want their work to be done online as much as possible. Here you have made things extremely favourable for both lawyers and clients. thank you for being there, GOOD BLESS - Ms.Smita Dave

At the outset let me tell you - your site is just marvelous - as far as presentation is concerned and the 100% return of the money in the first month only (for advertisers). I have already enrolled two advertisement in your website. I plan to extend to give third advertisement for Banglore office and consequently fourth one for Chandigarh office. - Punit Handa

advocatesI have found that's Internet Directory Service is an easy and inexpensive way to achieve national exposure in each of our firm's specific areas of practice. We received several inquiries from potential clients the first day our website was posted. I look forward to a long relationship with - Adv.Friedman

advocatesI feel really elated to find a site suitable for we lawyer. I convey my best wishes to the people at the helm of affais managing this site and also to my professional colleagues. Warm regard and best wishes,- Adv.Neelam A. Biala

I am glad that, you have provided me with an opportunity to express my thoughts. Frankly, I came across your website accidentally and since the contents looked impressive was hooked on, further the listing process being so simple (hassle free), sent you the desired information and Lo! I got a sudden recognition. The idea of listing Lawyers citywise is "Brilliant". Your website has helped me meet persons from all dimensions (far and near) and has given me an opportunity to serve them to my best. It has also become a referral point in the hour of need and definitely helped me to shine professionally. I thank you and your staff for all the hard work they have put in to make this website a success. I further wish to thank a million to the one who has conceived the idea of Adv Vandana Vaidya (Registered patent Attorney)

advocatesFirstly thanks to you and your team for providing excellent services via net. I must definitely say that your site has and is doing a wonderful job for providing online legal information about most of the areas in Indian Laws and Indian Legal System. Also to add that your Site Legal Service India has made and taken a very intelligent step in Listing Lawyers as according to the city wise areas which has enabled many aggrieved people who are really needy to avail Legal Services. This is a great Social act in itself. Wishing You and your entire team the Most success ahead in providing Legal Services for the betterment of Indian Society at large. - Law Offices of Siddhartha Shah

advocatesI would like to take this opportunity to thank you for listing my name on your website as it has helped me immensely professionally as well as intellectually as it is a very informative site having a plethora of information related to our profession. - Abdetaiyeb Q. Motiwala

advocatesThanks to legal service India, Now I have more Clients than my Seniors - Gautam Pathania

advocates"You delivered success to my office on a silver platter. I am extremely gratified to have finally come across Your website. Thank you Anjali. Please thank your staff too. They are great.- (late) Dr. N.K. Dev

advocatesI would like to recommend your website to my colleagues. I am impressed with the referrals you have already been able to generate for me and the competent way in which you do your business. - Henry, S. (Cameroon)

advocatesThere is clearly no need to List in any other directory Legal Service is Clearly the Frontrunner. - R H. Glorch (USA)

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