Fundamental Right of a child, Article 21 validity of Right to Die, Article 20 (3) - Narco Analysis, Human Rights of Person In Vegetative State, Legalize Abortion
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Fundamental Right of a child,  Article 21 and Constitutional validity of Right to Die, Article 20 (3) Of Constitution of India And Narco Analysis,Human Rights of Person In Vegetative State, Legalize Abortion, Supreme Court

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Land Acquisition Act:
This article starts of by introducing the concept of land acquisition and gradually dwelves into the domain of its constitutional validity. - - Robin George
Added Date: 10 Feb 2009

Education - a Fundamental Right of a child:
Comparative Study of the provisions of The Persons with Disability Act 1995 [PWD Act] and The Constitution of India having a bearing on Education. - - Jagruti Dekavadiya - Added Date: 27 Feb 2009

Art & Expression shalt respect Religious Sentiments:
Describing freedom of expression, a famous incident is quoted in common law. It runs- once a Russian went to London. He has heard a lot that it is the country where a person enjoys a lot of freedom. And so he starts walking on the road with rotating his umbrella in his hand. Suddenly a British who was passing from there was hurt on his nose by his umbrella. In the meantime a police officer arrived and arrested this Russian. When presented in front of the judge the Russian told that he have heard a lot about the freedom guaranteed in this country but now he felt that it is not true. The judge in reply told that indeed the country gives a lot of freedom but in his case his freedom ends where the nose of that British starts. - - Vinay Ranjan - Added Date: 28 Feb 2009

Justice Delayed is Justice Denied:
Before I start I would like to highlight something about the origin of the quoted line "Justice delayed is justice denied." This line was written by William Ewart Gladstone - - Pradip Kumar Das - Added Date: 28 Feb 2009

Reservation Policy:
The motive of having reservation then was the eagerness to modernize through the promotion of education and industry and maintaining unity among themselves. - - Samprikta ghosal - Added Date: 17 Jul 2009

Free expression is the fundamental fountain-head of democracy:
The right of free expression does not however confer right to disparage others right of person and reputation as such the right Of free expression - - pooja vatsh - Added Date: 18 Jul 2009

Gender Justice:
The reasons for the gender differentiation in society. It primarily deals with loopholes in indian socail fabric and the legislations implemented to curb the gender biases and compares the laws in UK, USA & EU. - - Upasana Mukherjee - Added Date: 18 Jul 2009

Judicial Accountability & Separation of Power:
Judiciary Unlimited - an unelected judiciary which is not accountable to anyone except its own temperament has taken over significant powers of Indian Governance - - Rimali Batra - Added Date: 18 Jul 2009

Application of lex mercatoria in International Commercial Arbitration:
the article is about the application of laws other than national laws in international commercial arbitration, the role of arbitrators autonomy and parties autonomy and the pros and cons of the same - - sonia saini - Added Date: 2 Sep 2009

Article 21 and Constitutional validity of Right to Die:
The Constitution of India provides a long list of fundamental rights under Part-III. Article 21 of our Constitution is one of the important fundamental rights among those rights. - - Nikhil Kumar Nath - Added Date: 2 Sep 2009

Article 20 (3) Of Constitution of India And Narco Analysis:
In any criminal investigation, interrogation of the suspects and accused plays a vital role in extracting the truth from them. - - Sehnaz Ahmed
Added Date: 2 Sep 2009

Human Rights Of Person In Persistent Vegetative State:
What is importance of a kidney, eye, hands or legs for considering a human in order to recognise human rights for him? Even if person having either a single kidney or handicapped, won’t devoid him of human rights in any way - - Premit Chopda - Added Date: 4 Sep 2009

Legalize Abortion In India:
Abortion is defined by the Canadian Intermediate Dictionary as the deliberate ending of a pregnancy by causing the fetus to be expelled from a woman's womb" - - Chandraveer Singh Bhati - Added Date: 7 Sep 2009

Constitutionalism - changing paradigm:
A constitution is a charter of government deriving its whole authority from the governed" (Black's Law Dictionary). The constitution sets out the form of the government. - - Adv.Sandeep Agrawal - Added Date: 7 Sep 2009

Supreme Court is the final Pedestal for justice:
the supreme is the final and the highest authority for which a person ca go for appeal into. It is the superior authority to adjudicate a matter therewith. - - Mansi Trivedi - Added Date: 7 Sep 2009

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